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Bathroom waste bins

Regular garbage accumulation isn’t limited to the kitchen. Your bathroom can suffer from this too. However, this is usually residual waste, which is why a cosmetic bin is sufficient, and a complete waste separation system isn’t required. Most of the time, it’s mainly cosmetic tissues, cotton swabs and other products from the cosmetics and hygiene sector that end up in it.

Our practical pedal bins made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel, with a plastic inner bin that’s not visible from the outside, are not only particularly suitable and practical for this purpose, but they also look attractive.

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The special features of HAILO bathroom waste bins

Bin liner clamping ring

A novel feature that sets the HAILO Pure S apart is the integrated clamping ring system, consisting of a rubber clamping ring which secures the bin liner in the bucket which keeps the bag where it belongs.

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Inner bin

All bathroom waste bins from the HAILO range have a removable inner waste bin, made either of high-quality plastic or galvanised sheet steel.


Our bathroom waste bins are available in various colours. Depending on the model, the cosmetic bins are made of corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel in black, white, red, and silver. This way you can also choose the cosmetics bin that matches your bathroom best.

Soft close

Some of the models are equipped with a soft close system, ensuring that the lid closes smoothly and silently.

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Lid opening with a foot pedal

An attached foot pedal ensures easy lid opening without requiring you to constantly bend down towards the bin. When the pedal is pressed, the lid of the pedal bin opens.

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Anti-slip feet or an anti-slip base ring are unique features of HAILO's bathing buckets, giving the bucket stability, making sure it stays where you want it to be.

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There are various bath waste bins, each with a capacity of 3 to 25 litres.

HAILO bathroom waste bins: Practical pedal bins with style

The various product lines for the bathroom area are attractive with their clean design. With the wide range of colours from sleek white to bright red, you can either spice up your bathroom or choose the cosmetic bin to match the colour of your furnishings. Opening the lid using a foot pedal makes waste disposal in the bathroom much easier, making the HAILO cosmetic bin a practical everyday helper.

HAILO's quality promise


All components of the bathroom waste bins are made of high-quality material. Plastic, corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel and stainless steel are used. Thanks to these selected materials, HAILO products are durable, easy to clean and will last you a long time.

Easy to use

An integrated carrying handle on the lid hinge of the bin makes it easy to move the bin around. The lid can be easily opened using the convenient foot pedal.


A warranty of up to ten years is provided for private users. For commercial use, you will receive a warranty of three years.

HAILO and their waste bins

In the HAILO product range, you will find not only bins for the bathroom but also the kitchen and other household applications. Whether it's a bucket with a swing lid, foot pedal or sensor lid opening - the family-run company offers a wide range of innovative products. Ever since we created the first HAILO waste bin in 1950, we've been continuously working on new solutions. With these, we aim to make waste disposal and separation easier and more efficient in both the private household and the commercial sector.