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Accessories & additions

Handy additions for the household

As well as various waste separation systems, HAILO also offers innovative solutions in many other areas. It is not only HAILO's laundrycare products and its organisation systems that are an invaluable aid in the home, making everyday life that much easier: in addition to the various built-in technology products for the kitchen and bathroom, HAILO sells handy add-ons that make jobs in the home even easier. These optional accessories offer attractive added benefits.

The HAILO range of built-in technology accessories

New electrical appliances or household devices are not the only things that can bring benefits in the kitchen and bathroom – so, too, can smaller add-ons for the HAILO functional systems or waste separation systems. As well as the bio-pull-out system, there are even simpler yet enormously useful products such as the HAILO Kitty, the On Top containers for storage and bags for rubbish disposal.

HAILO Kitty and HAILO On Top containers – HAILO built-in technology accessories

These products are useful containers with a capacity of four litres. Both the On Top containers and the HAILO Kitty can be locked with an additional container lid and are suitable as add-ons for HAILO built-in technology. They can be used to store smaller kitchen utensils, food or even organic waste. The On Top containers can also be combined with the HAILO On Top pull-out system and hence with the waste system.

Hose brackets – Freeing up space in the sink unit

The hose bracket prevents the hose from getting into places it doesn't belong in – and it can be fitted in the sink unit easily and without any great effort. The handy aid ensures that the hose does not get caught or tangled up with other items or fittings.

Bin liners – Sensible rubbish disposal

Suitable bin liners with different capacities are available for the waste bins of the HAILO Cargo series – and are also suitable for the large waste separation systems. The high quality of their material makes them particularly resistant to tearing, so they can be transported safely even when full. Made of recycled material, our bin liners are also environmentally friendly. The integrated draw tape makes them easy to close.

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