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Camper ladders

To truly enjoy your motor home vacation, you’ll need a ladder of sufficient length. After all, the roof box needs to be loaded before the vacation, and antennas, SAT systems, solar panels, and other equipment need to be installed on the roof after arrival at your destination. You’d usually need ladders with a working height of over three meters. But such ladders are often heavy, unwieldy, and therefore anything but easy to transport. The ideal solution is the extendable telescopic ladder T80 FlexLine from HAILO.

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T80 FlexLine - the individually extendable telescopic ladder

The T80 FlexLine is the perfect ladder for anyone who uses a motor home in the summer. With the robust but lightweight aluminum ladder with a maximum working height of 3.40 meters (in the version with nine rungs), you can do cleaning and repairs on the motor home in no time, even at greater heights.

A camper van at a camping site

Reach the roof easily

With the nine-rung model of the T80 FlexLine, you can easily reach the roof and the equipment and roof hatches installed on it of your motor home. The wide non-slip plastic feet ensure a secure footing on any surface, making it much easier to clean the roof, load the roof box and attach the satellite dish. Simply extend the ladder, lean it against the camper, and climb up. Thanks to the rubber impact protection, you can easily avoid scratching the camper.

Flexible telescoping capability

Due to the individual telescoping capability, hammocks, outdoor showers, or fitness equipment can also be quickly and easily attached to the motor home or trees, so that even when camping the ultimate feel-good factor does not come up short. The T80 FlexLine thus guarantees flexibility in every respect.

Man holding T80 FlexLine outside in the green

Simple, safe, and uncomplicated

The easy handling of the T80 FlexLine makes it the perfect travel companion for all generations. The unique one-hand release system lets you retract the ladder quickly and safely. Safety is HAILO's top priority. The safety gap between the individual rungs therefore serves as a pinch guard on the T80 FlexLine, while the ladder's non-slip feet ensure good grip on any floor.

Space-saving storage and transport

After use, the T80 FlexLine can be easily folded to a handy size, which makes the ladder a flexible companion in any situation. The included transport strap allows you to stow and transport the compact T80 FlexLine easily, safely and space-saving in the motor home. Thus, it is always ready to hand for spontaneous repairs and securely fastened during the journey.

T80 FlexLine leans against a garage wall

A purchase for life

The enthusiasm for traveling comfortably and flexibly often lasts a lifetime. Whether your own motor home, caravan, or rented camper - in any case, you need above all durable, high-quality equipment that can withstand any adventure. Made of durable aluminum, the T80 FlexLine is an indispensable companion on your travels. With its rubberized wall bumper, it reliably prevents scratches on the paint of your camper and, thanks to its flexibility, becomes significantly helpful in all situations when camping.

Advantages of the T80 FlexLine at a glance

 HAILO T80 FlexLineCommon rung ladder
Individual telescoping

Rubberized wall bumper

Transport belt

One-hand release system

Made of aluminum