HAILO offers stationary, modular platform stairs that meet the requirements of the European standard EN ISO 14122 for safe access to higher workstations, machinery or storage facilities. Depending on requirements, different angles of inclination of the stairway ascent and different tread widths can be selected. All variants are ergonomically optimized and thus enable the user to ascend and descend safely and comfortably.
They are supplied in pre-assembled modules, which reduces the time and effort required for final assembly. Detailed assembly instructions are included in the delivery.
Special designs are of course available on request.

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Variants of platform stairs

We also offer the following options for our stationary platform stairs on request:

Platform stairs, aluminum, wall-mounted, inclination 75°

HAILO Professional also offers platform stairs with an incline of 75 degrees for special applications where, for example, the stairs need to be steeper due to a lack of space. Our experts will be happy to assist you with needs-based planning.

Platform stairs, aluminum, elevated

If a wall connection is not feasible due to local conditions, the use of elevated, free-standing platform stairs is recommended. The elevation for floor mounting maximizes the stability of the platform staircase.

Platform stairs, aluminum, with slip resistance

HAILO bridging steps and platform steps have ribbed aluminum steps that provide slip resistance. As an option, the steps can be fitted with a special anti-slip coating suitable for industrial purposes and thus comply with slip resistance class R13.

HAILO also offers grating steps that comply with slip resistance class R12.

Platform stairs, aluminum, wall-mounted, version for outdoor use

All screw connections and fittings for the platform stairs are made of stainless steel.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: