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Repairing things instead of throwing them away – that not only saves money, but also resources and the environment. Because sustainability is close to our hearts at HAILO, we offer a wide range of spare parts for our current rung ladder models. We also continue to stock many spare parts for some discontinued ladder series that no longer feature in our product range. If used intensively, it can happen that some parts of a ladder start to show signs of wear and tear or even suffer damage over time despite the highest material quality. Thanks to our high-end spare parts, however, which are original parts from series production, this is not a problem. Many lost or worn parts of a ladder can be replaced in no time, so that your HAILO ladder doesn't have to leave your side when you're working.

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Our range of spare parts for rung ladders

Replacement feet

Wear and tear can hardly be prevented during the long-term use of ladders. If the feet of your rung ladder have worn out over the years, you can obtain a range of suitable replacement feet from us for easy replacement. And this, by the way, also for many rung ladder models that are no longer in production. Not only the appearance, but above all the stability plays an important role. This can only be guaranteed if the feet are always in perfect condition.

Crosspieces including feet

Many rung ladder models are equipped with a crosspiece as standard. This provides greater stability, especially for models with a higher number of rungs. If the crosspiece of your rung ladder shows signs of wear after intensive use, HAILO will not let you down. We offer you crosspieces including feet as spare parts for easy replacement.