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Does your house facade need refreshing? Could the colour of the house wall be less dull? HAILO's multifunctional scaffolding, which combines ladder and scaffolding, is the best accessory for you. We also have suitable products for other work in the house, such as gutter cleaning. Rung ladders are particularly suitable for this. To make DIY tasks even easier for you, we offer a wide range of accessories in our shop. With these small accessories, mobility, comfort, or safety at lofty heights is easily achieved. Rung ladders and scaffolding from HAILO gives you a comfortable and safe workplace, guaranteed.

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Our accessories for rung ladders and scaffolding

Wall brackets

Two wall brackets, attached to the wall, offer a simple solution for storing HAILO rung ladders in a space-saving and uncomplicated way.

Safety spikes

If you want to use aluminium rung ladders on soft ground, the safety spikes provide additional support so that your ladder remains stable.

Bucket hooks

HAILO offers bucket hooks so that paint buckets or buckets, in general, can easily be taken up the ladder with you. You can attach this quickly and easily to the ladder to fix your bucket to it. This not only saves space but also makes your work easier. You don't have to climb down the ladder every time or keep your balance on the ladder while holding a bucket in your hand.

Transport wheels

The practical plastic wheels are quickly attached to the ladder and make it possible to roll it from one place to another - without much effort. This makes your ladder mobile, and you can move it wherever you need it. Transport wheels are especially great for larger models or multi-part ladders.

Hang-in steps

The aluminium hang-in step is suitable for almost all HAILO rung ladders. With its help, you can easily create a wider tread surface and have more space and comfort when working. Standing comfort on long working days is significantly increased, and the non-slip ribbing makes you even more stable than before. Just hook it in and get started! To make a ladder TRBS-compliant (Technical Rules for Operational Safety), you can use hang-in steps. The TRBS stipulates that portable ladders may only be used as a high workstation if both feet can be used to stand on a step, platform or hang-in step. Hang-in steps are a flexible way of continuing to use an existing ladder in a TRBS-compliant manner.

Concrete ballast weights

These individually available concrete ballast weights, at 12.5 kg each, serve to ensure the continued safe standing of ProfiStep aluminium ladder scaffolds.