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Bin liner stands

Bin liner stands are often underestimated as a product, even though they are particularly useful. Bin liner stands are remarkably practical and are an inexpensive alternative to waste collectors. Whether we’re looking at a mechanic’s workshop, cleaning staff in a hotel or the yard of an industrial company - many cubic metres of waste will be produced on a regular basis. This waste must be disposed of quickly and easily in a trash can that closes. So why not reach for a garbage bag stand?

This is a practical option for companies as well as for a more domestic setting, where you can use it as a garbage bag stand for the Yellow Bag. HAILO offers a choice of stands made of a plastic/aluminium mix or steel.

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HAILO bin liner stand special features


All bin liner stands offered by HAILO have space for bin liners with a capacity of 120 litres - an ideal size for almost every scenario.


HAILO ProfiLine MSS XXXL products can be added to one another using a simple clip system. You can automatically create a waste separation system consisting of several bin liner stands in a single step. For example, by setting up three different refuse sack stands, you can ensure the separation of paper, plastic and residual waste.


The HAILO ProfiLine MSS Design XXXL bin liner stand is characterised above all by its extraordinary stability, guaranteed by its solid base. No matter how heavy the waste is, the bin liner holder will stay in place.

Area of use

The HAILO ProfiLine MSS Design XXXL universal bin liner stand can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its durable and robust steel construction makes this stand suitable for almost any location.

Practical handling

The cleverly designed system makes changing a bin liner quick and easy. The HAILO ProfiLine MSS XXXL models are also available with wheels on the plastic base plate, turning the bin liner stand into a mobile unit.

HAILO bin liner stands: Practical and mobile

HAILO's bin liner stands are uncompromisingly functional. The stand, for example, has a plastic lid to close the bin liner securely and prevent the escape of unpleasant smells. An integrated aluminium frame with a rubber ring also allows the bin liner to be fixed in place easily. You can also choose between models with or without wheels. The latter option makes the bin liner stand mobile and easy to transport from one place to another.

The most important quality promises of our bin liner stands


The high-quality materials - plastic, aluminium or steel - give our products extraordinary durability. We make sure that we provide you with products that will last for a long time and impress you with their quality.


Our bin liner stands out amongst the competition because of the quality material we use. The lid, flap frame and base plate of the HAILO ProfiLine MSS XXXL products are made of high-quality grey plastic. The frame itself is made of aluminium. If you plan on using the bin liner stand outside, or prefer a sturdy steel design, the HAILO ProfiLine MSS Design XXL version with integrated bin liner clamping ring is the best option for you.


For private use, we provide a five-year warranty on our bin liner stands. Commercial users are given a three-year warranty.

The HAILO company: The one with the red dot

HAILO is a family-owned company that specialises in waste disposal and ladders. The company has been asserting itself in the market since 1947 and has been impressing our customers every day with innovative and durable product solutions. Over the years, HAILO has developed numerous solutions that make the everyday life and work of our customers much easier. Thanks to the intelligent, innovative systems in modern design, the brand with the red dot remains firmly anchored in the minds of our customers and is always a good bet for a pleasant surprise.