Anti-slip coating on HAILO manhole covers

Epoxy resin coating with incorporated natural stone granules.

Safe driving over the cover in the area of roads, bicycle paths and sidewalks - even in wet conditions.

For 30 years HAILO Professional has been the competent partner at your side for individual covers as well as for standard covers.
Whether round or rectangular, with frame or without frame, for indoor or outdoor use - HAILO has the right manhole cover for your individual needs.

A new addition to the range is a non-slip epoxy resin coating for manhole covers.

This non-slip surface coating can be applied to HAILO stainless steel covers (classes B/D) that can be driven over.

For example, on the flush manhole covers:

Beschichtete Schachtabdeckung an einer Straße mit Laub

The epoxy resin coating type "Pebbletex"
with integrated natural stone granules

enables - even in wet conditions - a safe
safe driving over the covers in the area of roads, bicycle
roads, bicycle paths and sidewalks.

Pebbletex natural stone granules coating "black granite",
granulation 1 - 3 mm,
Coating thickness 3 - 4 mm,
Binder and top coat reinforced 2-component epoxy resin EP

Your advantages, your benefit

Increased safety especially for motorcycles and bicycles in road traffic

  • Significantly reduces the risk of accidents for two-wheelers
  •  Increases road safety in your area of responsibility

Great weight savings compared to covers with concrete surface

  • Cost savings due to factory coating
  • Lower opening weight
  • Increased health protection towards the employee in the application

Absolutely durable and corrosion resistant

  • Increases your financial scope and reduces refurbishment costs

For every HAILO floor-level cover, also available in special sizes

  • Maximizes your flexibility in terms of the range of applications for non-slip stainless steel covers
Epoxy resin coated manhole cover
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