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Rung ladders

There's always something to do, especially when it comes to your own home. Whether it's your guttering, window frames, plasterwork or the fruit trees in your garden, the flexible HAILO rung ladders help you reach all of them easily.

Rung after rung, these ladders are cleverly designed right down to the last detail and meet all relevant standards. They are the first choice when work needs to be done safely and securely at height. HAILO rung ladders are unsurpassed in their versatility, stability and climbing safety, and their well thought-out functionality down to the smallest detail.

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The special features of our rung ladders

Rung ladder with LOT system compensates for a floor unevenness

LOT system

Our S100 ProfiLOT is fitted with a LOT system that makes it easy to compensate for unevenness in the ground of up to 15 cm. Thanks to the LOT system, garden paths, stairs and natural stone slabs such as those often found around the house are no longer an obstacle. The ladder can be conveniently adjusted to the particular ground level and locked in any position by means of a foot pedal. Additional stability is delivered by large claw feet on the crosspieces and full surface contact feet.

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Rung ladder with stair adjustment stands on a staircase

Step adjustment

The steps can be adjusted to enable different standing heights for the individual ladder sections. That means our ladders can also be used safely on stairs, steps, slopes and banked walls and adjusted in a matter of seconds. Some of our rung ladder models of the S100 ProfiLOT line and all models of the M80 line come with this feature.

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Telescopic ladder with rungs pushed together

Telescopic function

Thanks to their clever telescopic design, the working heights of our T80 FlexLine and M80 rung ladders can be adjusted entirely according to the particular need. Telescopic ladders can be folded or pushed together to save space and for ease of transport.

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Person unlocks a locking hook with transport locking device on a rung ladder by hand

Locking hook with transport locking mechanism

Safety at work is our highest priority. Among the ways we ensure this are the hooks that engage or lock automatically in our S100 ProfiLOT, S80 ProfiStep duo and S60 ProfiStep uno rung ladders. They prevent the ladder sections from sliding apart accidentally and slipping together once extended. Only after the lock has been released can the ladder section be moved up or down.

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Our product categories

Our rung ladders enable you to reach and step on any rung safely and securely. The product range includes a range of ladder types for every situation – we'll have the right ladder for your project too!

Man on a lean-to ladder leaning against a house facade, painting the wall with a brush

Lean-to ladders

A lean-to ladder is probably the most common type of aluminium ladder and consists of just a single section. As its name suggests, it necessarily has to be leaned against the place of use before you can climb onto its rungs.

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Man on an extension ladder standing against a wall cleaning the gutter with a hand brush

Extension ladders

With extension ladders, one section can be pushed out.

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Man on a combination ladder cuts a tall tree with garden shears

Combination ladders

Combination ladders, also known as multipurpose ladders, can be used as lean-to or extension ladders or in a trestle position.

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Man stands with both feet on a multipurpose ladder and mounts a lamp

Multipurpose ladders

Multipurpose ladders can be used both as lean-to and extension ladders and as stepladders. In addition, the telescopic extension element of these ladders means that the height of the ladder can also be adjusted rung by rung.

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Man standing on a telescopic ladder leaning against a house wall repairing the downpipe of a gutter

Telescopic ladders

Thanks to their clever design, the working heights of our telescopic ladders can be adjusted entirely according to need. The ladder grows rung by rung, if you like. These ladders can be effortlessly pushed together and carried comfortably. Their compact dimensions mean they are also easy to transport.

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The most important quality promises of our rung ladders

Man with a drill in his hand kneels in front of a rung ladder leaning against a wall

Maximum safety

Anyone who works intensively in the garden or enjoys spending their time doing DIY jobs around the house will need the right equipment. This is particularly the case for jobs that have to be done at lofty heights. HAILO ladders conform to the current DIN EN standards for ladder systems in every single rung.

Man standing next to a rung ladder leaning against a house wall, warranty seal with 10 years warranty on the Hailo S80 ProfiStep duo

Long life

Our rung ladders are long-lasting consumer goods and are largely manufactured in Germany. That's why the proven HAILO quality plays a critical role. Our expertise in metalworking and mechanical engineering gives us an edge that justifies confidence in the brand and the products even after many years of use, That's the reason we give private users a warranty of at least 5 and not more than 10 years (except for the T80 FlexLine). Industrial users get a 3-year warranty (except for the T80 FlexLine).

HAILO: a passion for rung ladders

A family-owned business, HAILO was founded back in the 1940s. Since then its unique and customer-oriented product solutions have made it the German market leader. Like other ladder types, rung ladders are a passion of the brand and configured to deliver safety and comfort when working. That's why the needs of the customer are always front of mind when the products are being designed and developed. This results in exciting and innovative product lines that make everyday life easier. HAILO's product range has made it part of the brand elite in Germany and known for quality and expertise in every product segment.