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Training courses

Do you want to expand the skills and expertise of your company when it comes to ladder systems and access technology? HAILO Professional has been offering a variety of training courses from which you and your employees can benefit for a number of years already. HAILO Professional offers many different training options: whether in our training centre in Haiger, on your own premises or just conveniently at your computer, we have the right solution for every requirement. You can decide for yourself what is the optimal learning environment for the development of you and your staff.

HAILO Professional training environments

The courses are led by professionals who are absolutely familiar with the various products and their areas of use, application, installation and assembly. The trainers not only deliver the benefit of their application-specific knowledge, but also explain how the systems can be inspected. Depending on the chosen training programme, they also provide expert solutions for worst-case scenarios in which the participants have to intervene themselves and free others from a safety-critical situation, for instance. Through a range of exercises, participants in our training courses will learn the best technical way to perform their work using access and ladder systems in practice. Alongside the practical components, theoretical principles also play an important role in ensuring safety when configuring and using the systems. When it comes to expert training in access technology, HAILO Professional is the right partner to have by your side!


HAILO Professional is so far the only provider of e-learning courses developed specifically for ladders and how to use them. Should you or your staff be unable to attend safety training on-site, we also offer useful practical e-learning courses. These provide theoretical information and the basic principles of safety-related subjects relating to ladders. That gives you the option of learning at a time and place of your choosing exactly what you need to know when using ladders. To complete the e-learning course and test your new-found knowledge, you can take repeated interim tests in order to monitor your progress.


Are you a mechanic, service engineer, safety officer, project manager or planner from industry, commerce, a local authority or the administrative sector? Then you're in exactly the right place in our training centre in Haiger. Here we offer a wide range of advanced training courses for skilled workers. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We offer both seminars and courses on the subject of safety and training in how to assemble, install and use the various tools. For more details, why not take a look at our training programme?

In-house training

We would also be happy to deliver training in your company or directly on the construction site. If this is something that interests you, please feel free to ask us for a customised quote. Our highly professional trainers will then travel to you and train your staff face-to-face.

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