Floor gates

HAILO floor gates for various applications

Floor gates are used wherever floor openings are needed for vertical transport and full protection against accidents is required when they are open.

HAILO constructs and supplies floor gates for indoor and outdoor use. Our portfolio includes designs that guarantee low-cost, space-saving and fast access as well as load-carrying, heavy-duty models.

HAILO floor gates are fitted with assisted opening systems, hold-open mechanisms and safety rails. Standard models come with gas-pressurised springs and integrated safety hold-open mechanisms. HAILO heavy-duty floor gates are operated by hydraulic cylinder and assisted by gas-pressurised springs.

Stainless steel constructions with a wide variety of profile reinforcements on the underside guarantee maximum safety. Load-carrying floor gates are often coated with the same surface as the surrounding area (asphalt, paving stones, tiles). They are normally designed for vehicles with a total weight of up to 15 t, although HAILO also designs floor gates for loads of up to 25 t or 40 t.

Integrated folding guard rails to protect against falls when the floor gates are open can simply be folded in and out.

Single- and multiple-leaf floor gates from HAILO, electro-hydraulically operated.

Floor gates

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