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Spare parts for built-in waste bins

Your HAILO built-in waste bin is a long-lasting companion in your kitchen. To ensure that you continue to have a kitchen aid you can rely on, even in the event of minor damage, HAILO offers you a wide range of high-quality spare parts for your waste bin, allowing your waste bin to be ready for use again in just a few simple steps.

Our selection of spare parts for built-in waste bins

Inner bins of a built-in waste bin

Inner bins

Whether rectangular or round, large or small - HAILO offers the right inner bins in different sizes and colours for the various models of built-in waste bins. Whether you prefer grey, light grey or black - you can choose between different colour variants and different litres of capacity. All these buckets are made of high-quality plastic. Some of them also come equipped with hinged carrying handles that make it easier to remove the containers.

Image of a built-in waste bin lid


For the individual models, you can also replace the matching lids. These are tailored to different container sizes. There are two different types of lids. Bucket lids for individual inner bins, usually made of plastic and belonging to the removable bins of a waste separation system. However, these lids are not available for all inner bins. There are also so-called system lids, which are usually screwed on to the right and left side of the cabinet and remain there. These keep the waste bin and the entire waste separation system closed. As soon as the waste bin is pulled out, the system lid remains in the cupboard. When the bin is pushed back into the cabinet, the system lid slides hygienically over each waste bin as a cover, i.e. over the entire system.

Pulled-out built-in waste bin with focus on the pull-out rails

Pull-out rails

Some of the HAILO built-in waste bins allow you to change the pull-out rails yourself. These are available in the shop as spare parts for this purpose. They are attached and fastened to the side of the waste bins, allowing your waste bin to be pulled out again gently and smoothly.

Pulled-out built-in waste bin with focus on the handle cover

Handle covers

If your built-in waste bin can’t be pulled out directly via the kitchen cabinet, it usually has a handle panel. This is attached to the front of the bin and is used to pull out the device for the bin holder, where the inner bins are inserted. If it’s damaged, you can replace it quickly and easily. You can choose between dark grey, light grey or white to match the model.

Sweeping set consisting of shovel and hand broom

Sweeping set

Only selected products are equipped with this feature. If you own such a product and need a new sweeping set for your HAILO built-in waste bin, no problem. The practical combination of shovel and broom can be attached to the outside of the waste bin, and the two parts can be pushed together to save space.

Different sizes of HAILO Cargo Bags

Bin liners

The HAILO bin liners are cut to fit individual bins. They are both a spare part and an accessory, and are made of particularly tear-resistant material. They have a capacity of up to 55 litres - your rubbish is in good hands here!

Laundry bin with laundry

Laundry containers

It doesn't always have to be about waste! The HAILO built-in laundry bin offers space for your laundry and looks particularly good in the laundry and utility room. The laundry containers are integrated on a pull-out shelf and store your laundry hidden away in the cupboard. You only need to open the cupboard and pull out the laundry collection system when needed. If you need a new or additional laundry basket for your HAILO built-in laundry collector, you can buy one in the HAILO online shop. Interested? Then take a look at the other different built-in modules from HAILO for your laundry room.

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