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Workshop waste bins

Compared to conventional household waste bins, the garage, your small workshop or production halls in companies place different demands on waste bins. Above all, waste bins in work environments should be robust and of high quality. HAILO combines both properties and offers a wide range of waste bins for the workshop context.

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The special features of HAILO workshop waste bins

Can be extended as required

There is the practical option of extending HAILO waste separation systems as required. Attach two, three or more units and adapt the waste container system optimally to the individual waste separation requirements of your business.

Large capacity

Working with HAILO waste separation systems often produces large quantities of waste in a short time. The size of a waste bin should, therefore, be much larger in a work environment. That's why at HAILO we offer waste bin models with a capacity, which can accommodate waste bags with a volume of 120 litres.

Wide opening lid

Many HAILO models for the workshop have an extra-large access flap. Meaning that even coarse refuse can be disposed of easily.

Removable inner bin

Some models in our range have removable inner bins that make emptying and cleaning even more convenient.

Convenient waste separation

HAILO makes it even easier to separate waste correctly at work or home, as some of our waste bins come with colour labels and pictogram stickers to identify the different types of waste.

The most important quality promises of our workshop waste bins

Robust frames made of plastic

The frames and materials of our litter bins for the workshop are impressive with their impact resistance and durability. For example, the HAILO ProfiLine WSB Design XXXL and the HAILO ProfiLine Öko XL are made of robust technical plastic (ABS), which isn’t easily damaged.

High stability

Another core feature of our models for the workshop is the stability of our waste bins. Models such as the HAILO ProfiLine WSB Plus XXL or the HAILOProfiLine WSB Design XXXL,with their large contact surface, are extremely stable and sturdy.

Guarantee promise

Our HAILO waste bins have an up to five year guarantee for private use and a three year one for commercial use.

HAILO brand waste bins: More than just function

HAILO offers a wide range of waste bins and pedal bins for use in the work area. Our models are always made of durable and robust materials such as plastic, stainless steel or sheet steel and only the highest quality products are considered acceptable. With our A-grade quality standards and our continuous innovative strength, HAILO has been developing newer, smarter product solutions for decades and simplifying the everyday working lives of countless people.