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Business units

HAILO supplies reliable top quality solutions in functional and attractive designs. As the inventor of the aluminium household ladder and dedicated waste disposal solutions for household and commercial use, HAILO is always one step ahead in the three sectors covered by its home & business, Built-In Technology and Professionals Business Units.

Man sitting relaxed with a coffee cup in his hand in a renovated room

HAILO home & business

Folding steps, household ladders, runged ladders, scaffolds, waste bins, spacious waste boxes, waste separation systems, recycling bins, bin liner stands

Woman throws waste into a waste separator in a kitchen

HAILO Built-in Technology

Waste separation and storage systems for the kitchen industry: Built-in waste bins, waste separation systems, organisation systems, functional systems, built-in pull-out tables, built-in folding steps, built-in modules for the utility room

Man with a safety helmet on his head climbs out of a shaft on a shaft ladder

HAILO Professional

Access technology and ladder systems for buildings and accesses of all kinds: fixed ladders, climbing protection systems, shaft covers, shaft ladders, shaft access aids, platforms, service lifts, training courses

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