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Functional systems

Making light work of kitchen jobs

The functional systems from HAILO offer a range of accessories for the kitchen. They were developed in order to bring even more convenience when working while at the same time further enhancing safety. Ultimately, the systems are designed to provide support and take the strain out of working in the kitchen.

The HAILO range of functional systems

In all its product developments HAILO attaches great importance to the generation of high customer benefit. That's why we are always keen to make practical and particularly helpful additions to our product range.  
The range includes a variety of systems for improving and expanding the kitchen functions that already exist. These have been designed specifically for different purposes. The innovative functions of the individual systems generate enormous added value for work in the kitchen, making everyday kitchen jobs easier and safer. Whether a simpler opening mechanism for cabinets, more working space or other aids, the HAILO functional systems can be used in many different ways.

HAILO Libero – Non-contact electronic application

The HAILO Libero makes it particularly easy to open front-mounted cabinets and drawers. It is an electronic feature designed to assist and facilitate the the process of opening the cabinet and is operated using a foot sensor.

Rapid – Concealed worktop

The Rapid system is the perfect solution for small kitchens. Although from the outside it just looks like a drawer, inside is an 80 cm-long worktop which can be used as a table or additional surface for kitchen jobs. It does not need any feet to provide stability, instead extending freely after being pulled out. Nevertheless, it can carry loads of up to 100 kg, making it a both space-saving and low-cost alternative to an extra cabinet or table.

Stepfix – A folding step with potential

The HAILO Stepfix is a folding step that is easy to stow away and takes only a moment to open up, ensuring access to all cabinets. Its sturdiness means it is also safe to climb on. The complementary system is practical and can be stowed away perfectly. It opens up a range of possibilities: whether stored in a base unit or niche, hung from the cabinet wall or concealed behind a kitchen plinth, at just 10 cm when folded flat, that's not a problem for the Stepfix! Wherever it is stored, the practical folding step is always within easy reach.

Kick and Go – Integrated mechanical opening system

This system consists of a mechanical opening aid which is designed to make it easier to open a front-mounted waste separation system. The drawer can be opened by pressing the externally located pedal with the foot – it really couldn't be easier!

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