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Folding steps from HAILO can probably be found in every good household, because they are a particularly long-lasting product. After a few years of use, however, they can show signs of wear and need a little refreshing. To ensure your HAILO folding step stays with you for many more years to come, we offer a range of spare parts. If one day signs of wear should appear, our spare parts will solve the problem.

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Our range of spare parts for folding steps

Replacement feet

Whether on parquet, laminate, tile, carpet or stone, the feet of folding steps from HAILO will stand on many surfaces as years go by. As a result, over time they may become scratched or show signs of wear and tear. Alongside the visual appearance, this will particularly affect safety. If the feet of folding steps are always to guarantee stability, they must be in perfect condition at all times. But there's no reason to worry: with HAILO you can get replacement feet for a variety of folding step models. We offer replacement feet both for our current folding step series and for previous model series.

Step ends

HAILO folding steps would not be complete without step ends fitted on the ends of the steps on the left and right. Step ends are available in our online shop as spare parts and accessories for many current and even some discontinued folding step models.