Ladder systems for buildings and machine installations

The ladder systems for buildings and technical installations that HAILO Professional offers allow work to be performed at great height. Safe access is one of the requirements on the safety of ladders and ladder systems that have to be met at all times and in every case. That's why all ladders and fall arrest systems comply with both strict standards and safety regulations. The access systems from HAILO include an appropriate system for every need and every installation.

The HAILO range of ladder systems for buildings and machine installations

HAILO ladders for machine installations and buildings must be permanently connected. The material they are made of gives them resistance to corrosion in environments with low to normal acidity, which means they meet the requirements of DIN 18799. The particularly easy-to-grip stiles and the non-slip rungs ensure stability when working at height, whether indoors or outdoors. No installation is too high, because the ladders can be extended as required using ladder connectors.
The product range includes ladder types that extend from simple stepladders to ladders with and without a safety cage. The chosen system can be complemented by useful additional features that enhance safety when working, as well as a variety of accessories.
Should you need a particular customisation, HAILO Professional will be only too happy to help. As an expert and reliable partner for every project, we can develop the best solutions for you when it comes to access technology.

Ladders – From the simple to the unusual

HAILO Professional offers simple ladders for fixed assembly, of course. These do not come with any further accessories and are entry-level access systems. From aluminium through stainless steel to galvanized steel, everything is there. But the product range also includes ladders with fall arrest and safety cage systems. All ladders from HAILO Professional are suitable for fixed mounting both indoors and outdoors in a range of installations and facilities.

Stepladders – Sturdy access technology

Climbing routes in the form of steps are particularly suitable for industrial installations. One of the advantages of such stepladders – in addition to the wide steps – is their ergonomic technology and design. They are characterised by different angles of inclination and a low step height, which make it easy to reach work areas safely and comfortably and to cross over obstacles. Since safety is absolutely critical when working at height in particular, our stepladders are fitted with guard rails and non-slip steps. They are also designed to take the weight of multiple people at the same time.

Attachment systems – Firmly in place

There are a number of different attachment systems available to ensure that the ladder systems can be located properly and sturdily on a variety of substrates. These help both for attachment to the wall of the installation and reliable mounting on the ground.

Safety cage systems – Safety is the top priority

Whatever the type of installation on which the ladder and fall arrest system are to be located, guaranteeing safety is an absolutely must. That's why we offer a range of components for the creation of a safety cage system, for instance. In addition to guards and vertical bars for the safety cage, they also include crossing units or exit units, among others. These make it easier to safely cross over to another ladder section or to exit the ladder completely.

Safety barriers – Guards as a practical aid

To improve the safety of access systems for installations still further, Hailo Professional offers various models of safety barrier. Barriers are available not only in simple form, but also with knee rails to meet particular requirements. The self-closing mechanism of Hailo's safety barriers safeguards access to the ladder and hence protects against falls.


Should you need further, more specialised features for your installation, it's worth taking a quick look at the corresponding accessories. Among the products you will find are exit extensions, for instance, which make it easier to step from the top rung onto the exit surface safely. Exit rails may also be helpful in that regard. As well as various crossing units and platforms, there is also a ladder door that prevents access for unauthorised persons.

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