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Laundry care

Doing the laundry with HAILO

HAILO built-in technology doesn't just sparkle in the kitchen – it also brings organisation to the utility room. Wherever the washing machine and dryer may be situated, a variety of shelf space and storage solutions for laundry and other utensils are essential. Practical built-in solutions can help – and HAILO will make maximum use of every last bit of storage space in the utility room.

The HAILO product range for the utility room

The company has been delivering clever and innovative ideas across a wide range of applications for decades already. The primary aim has always been to ensure customer satisfaction with products and systems that make everyday jobs easier. They turn any utility room into a perfectly organised environment.
The various built-in systems for the utility room, kitchen or bathroom are particularly helpful if there is little space in the house or flat and nowhere to store things. From the simple new utility room right through to the multipurpose utility room, almost anything is possible. Even small rooms can be configured to suit without losing any space. The various systems also create space for washing utensils and the laundry – wherever the washing machine may be located.

Laundry Carrier – The handy laundry container for the modern utility room

The HAILO Laundry Carrier is a practical and space-saving option for the collection and storage of dirty washing. It can be installed in cabinets up to max. 60 cm in width and conceals all the washing inside the unit. Two separate, spacious containers make it easy to sort the washing optimally. It can be used not only in the utility room, but also in the kitchen or bathroom. The Laundry Carrier can be configured flexibly according to where in the home the washing machine and dryer are connected.
The unit offers a persuasive combination of simple assembly and operability. The synchronised runners and the side mounting on the inside walls of the cabinet mean the system can be installed rapidly, while the drawer is front-opening to enable easy access. Where necessary, it can be combined with the HAILO Libero, an electronic opening aid, to make it even easier to open the cabinet.

Laundry Area – Practical ideas for room organisation

The Laundry Area allows a utility room to be configured for multiple purposes. All utensils are stowed inside the cabinet, so the room always looks neat and tidy. The pull-out shelves with large, removable laundry baskets for fresh ironing are particularly popular. Another clever idea is the integrated fold-out ironing board. There's also space for a suitable clothes airer, whether in the cupboard or outside it. That makes the Laundry Area a well-designed work area that offers a range of options for customisation. Whether drawers for storing washing powder or baskets suspended from the walls for clothes pegs, the utility room can be configured to suit any requirement.

Organizer Modules – For perfect storage

Whether crates of bottles, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner or a brush have to be stored, the HAILO Organizer Modules can be configured to suit. There is even a bracket with lid for attaching a bin bag or liner. A range of sub-modules are available to choose from, depending on what needs to be stored. From the shoe shelf to the universal pull-out for storing a variety of utensils, anything is possible, allowing the potential of the available storage space in kitchens and utility rooms to be exploited to the full.

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