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Aluminium multi-purpose ladder

HAILO S120 Pro

The 3-section alu­minium multi-purpose ladder with inno­vative rotating steps.


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Aluminium hang-in step

Hang-in step for rung ladders with non-slip ribbing for comfortable and fatigue-free working on the ladder.


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TRBS 2121-2: Work safely and comfortably with HAILO

Ladder usage types according to the new TRBS 2121-2

The Technical Rules for Industrial Safety and Health (TRBS) reflect the state of the art, occupational medicine and industrial hygiene as well as other assured ergonomic findings for the use of work equipment.

TRBS 2121-2  (Danger to employees when using ladders) specifies the requirements of the Industrial Safety Regulation within its scope of application. If the technical rules are obeyed, the employer can assume that the corresponding requirements of the ordinance are fulfilled.

Ladder as traffic route

Ladder as traffic route

on steps or rungs

The use of ladders (stepladders and rung ladders) as access to or exit from high-level workplaces is permitted if the difference in height to be overcome is not more than 5 m. Ladders used as access ladders must be designed so that they extend at least 1 m beyond the point of exit.

Ladder as workplace

Ladder as workplace

on a step, platform or hook-in step

Due to the risk of falling and the higher ergonomic strain, portable ladders may only be used as a high-positioned workstation if the employee stands with both feet on a step, platform or hang-in step, and the standing position on the ladder is no higher than 5 m above the installation surface.

If the stand height is between 2 m and 5 m, work may only be carried out for a period of up to 2 hours per shift.

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For the use of a rung ladder as a workplace HAILO offers a suitable and safe hang-in step (SafetyLine aluminium hang-in step - art. no.: 9950-001) as an accessory.
Person stands on a hang-in step
Snap the hang-in step onto the rung
Person stands on a hang-in step

In summary, this means

HAILO ladders can be used as work equipment in compliance with the TRBS.

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