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Built-in waste bins

Anyone who likes to cook knows that the kitchen is where most of waste is produced in a household. Therefore, waste bins are an indispensable part of the kitchen. With our built-in waste bins we offer you intelligent and space-saving waste bins in various litre volumes to separate and dispose of waste in the kitchen sensibly and according to type.

Whether made of stainless steel, sheet steel or high-quality plastic - we offer our customers a selection of different built-in waste bins. Our models differ both in their functionality and in their litre capacity.

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The special features of our built-in waste bins

Space-saving installation in base units

Built-in waste bins are extremely practical for the modern kitchen. As the name suggests, built-in waste bins are not free-standing in the kitchen, but are installed in kitchen base units (often under the sink). HAILO's built-in waste bins are therefore always hidden in the cupboard, which saves a lot of space. The concealed waste bins also keep unpleasant odours at bay with their lids.

Opening methods

The different waste bin models open their lids differently. The lid of our Compact-Box opens by means of the swivel technology when a cupboard door is opened and closes it firmly when the cupboard door is closed. This technique guarantees easy filling and removal of the inner bin. Furthermore, there are waste bins with manual pull-out. As the name suggests, these open their lids as soon as the sliding mechanism of the waste bin is pulled out by hand. This opening variant is found in the EcoLine Design and in our Multi-Box. Moving the waste forward also guarantees easy filling and removal of the inner bins.

Environmental protection begins in the kitchen

Separating the waste has been a matter of course in everyday kitchen life in Germany for several years now. Anyone who likes to cook knows that the kitchen in particular produces a lot of waste, which has to be separated due to its different characteristics. HAILO's waste bins make this waste separation child's play. Our EcoLine Design L model in particular, with its two removable inner bins, is an excellent waste separation system.

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Different capacities

Our waste bins offer different capacities depending on the requirements. These start at 15 litres and range up to a total capacity of 28 litres with two bins.

Flexible installation

You have the choice! No matter how you want to position our built-in waste bins in your cupboard, some of our models can be mounted on the right, left or in the middle of your kitchen cupboard. When installing the waste bins, however, pay attention to the dimensions: While our EcoLine Design L can already be mounted on hinge-door base units from 30 cm width, our Compact-Box M made of stainless steel or sheet steel can only be mounted from a width of 40 cm.

Accessories for the built-in waste bins from HAILO

HAILO bin liners

No matter which bin you choose, we offer you a large selection of perfectly fitting bin liners in different litre sizes. Our bin liners are particularly tear-resistant and are equally suitable for household and kitchen waste. Made of high-quality polyethylene plastic, they are groundwater-neutral in the landfill. During incineration, the foil combines with oxygen to form natural substances such as water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Bin liners with a capacity of 5 litres up to 60 litres are available.

Built-in waste bins from HAILO: Optimum use of available space

Built-in waste bins are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the difference that built-in bins make compared to free-standing bins, both from a practical and an aesthetic point of view. Compared to free-standing bins, our built-in bins make optimal use of the available space in a kitchen, because our bins disappear inconspicuously in your kitchen unit, usually in the cupboard under your sink, and thus do not disturb the view in a tidy kitchen.

Our most important quality promises for our built-in waste bins

Durable material

The housing of our built-in waste bins is made of high-quality plastic, stainless steel or corrosion-resistant coated sheet steel. Therefore all our built-in waste bins are extremely durable and stable.

Easy to use

Our customers appreciate the self-explanatory and comfortable handling of our waste bins. Practicality, quality and design are therefore not contradictions for HAILO, but a living corporate philosophy.


We offer private users up to five years' warranty on our bins. Commercial users receive a three-year warranty on all product ranges.

Things to know about the HAILO range of waste bins

Innovations and clever product solutions have been the order of the day at HAILO for over 75 years. The family business continues to develop and has remained true to its maxim - one hundred percent orientation towards the needs and wishes of the customer. The first HAILO waste bin for fitted kitchens came onto the market as early as 1953. Thanks to its durable waste bins and many other innovations in various product areas, the company became the market leader in Germany over the years. This is one of the reasons why HAILO was included in the encyclopaedia "German Standards - Brands of the Century" in 2007. This places HAILO among the German brand elite.