Cabel shaft cover Type H-CSC

Covers for cable and/or utility shafts in tunnel structures, square and round design

Shaft cover is resistant to surface water, load-bearing, fireproof, impervious to smoke and designed for concreting in to fit flush with the ground

Load class:
B 125 kN/D 400 kN in accordance with EN 124,
90 / 120 minute fire-rated – tested and certified (120 min. only for rectangular design)

Materials and construction:
Frame and lid trough in stainless steel V2A-1.4301/ V4A-1.4571

Frame with reinforcement attached externally plus height adjustment, fire-insulated centre strut fitted to multi-section covers, lid pre-assembled to allow reinforcement to be inserted and for subsequent concrete in-fill, lid with frame secured using three-square brass bolts, resistant to surface water, frost and weather-resistant and heat-resistant seal made from silicone foam profile. Design variations: single-section covers and covers with two or more sections with centre struts.


Tested and certified for enhanced fire safety requirements with a 90 / 120-minute rating for fire and smoke and for load class B125kN/D400kN in accordance with EN 124.
Utility cables remain protected in cable shafts even in the most extreme heat to maintain the supply (of electricity, water and so on) via the relevant media.

The Type H-CSC Cable Shaft Cover is designed to fit flush to the ground for concreting in and is supplied with a lid trough also designed for concrete in-fill.

  • Load classes B125kN/D400kN in accordance with EN 124 
  • Fire-rated – tested and certified – ultra flame-retardant
  • Construction height 150mm = 90 min. / Construction height 180mm = 120 min
  • Square design, fits flush to ground for concreting in
  • Shaft lid lifts up and is designed as a single-section or double-section lid with centre stay
  • Frame and lid trough in stainless steel V2A (1.4301) or V4A (1.4571)
  • 5-year warranty. (Sealing materials are subject to natural wear and tear and are excluded from the warranty.)

Your benefit

  • An ideal solution for tunnelling due to its high resistance to pressure and suction
  • Fulfils the fire protection requirements for rail and road tunnels, tested and certified
  • Our sealing concept allows you to maintain dry installations in your shaft structures
  • The stainless steel design provides a high level of corrosion protection and there is no „welding“ of the cover and frame caused by corrosion
  • Long service life, longer service intervals and therefore lower costs due to the high material quality

Application examples of the cable shaft cover type H-CSC


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