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Organizer systems

Perfect storage with HAILO

HAILO's organiser systems are designed for the storage and stowage of kitchen utensils, food and much more. They bring order and help keep the kitchen tidy, allowing almost everything to be put away into cabinets, cupboards and drawers. The practical organiser systems make cluttered, unsorted shelves a thing of the past.

The HAILO range of organiser systems

HAILO supplies innovative ideas and solutions for the perfectly organised kitchen. The product range includes a broad selection of different organiser systems, each varying in design and suitable for different cabinet types and content. The systems can be configured for the storage of food, kitchen utensils or cleaning materials, depending on the purpose. HAILO has a solution for every space problem.

Pantry Box – Keeping food fresh for longer

The Pantry Box is a food drawer, so is primarily intended for the storage of food items. Its size and layout make it particularly suitable for vegetables, baked goods or potatoes The system is installed in a drawer and is complemented by removable containers and a handy slatted board that is made from plastic (for vegetables) or real wood (for baked goods). A glass sliding lid allows fast, hygienic closing and keeps the contents of the drawer fresh.

On Top – The handy accessory for the built-in waste system

The On Top organiser system is a pull-out shelf that is installed in the base unit. It can be pulled out for easier use and comes with matching On Top containers and lids. The containers can be used for storing organic waste or smaller utensils such as dishwasher tabs.

Secco – Towel rails for flexible installation

The Secco organiser system is ideal if you want to keep hand towels or tea towels out of sight. The towel rail can be fitted in drawers as well as cabinets or many other places. The various models come in a range of sizes. They have one to three bars which are either fixed in position or can be extended to suit.

Deposito – Storage in the tiniest of spaces

Deposito brings order to the tiniest of spaces. The shelves are fitted in the unit above the extractor hood and can be used to keep spices or small storage jars. This organiser system creates space in places where there isn't actually any stowage space.

Vario – Accessory for waste separation systems

Depending on size, this organiser system can be mounted on the inside walls of cabinets near the waste system. Individual configuration with storage trays or baking tray holders allows food, kitchen utensils and cleaning materials to be stowed away neatly and tidily, helping to keep the kitchen organised. The rail system makes the fixture easy to pull out – which means everything is conveniently within easy reach.

Carry – The mobile basket

The HAILO Carry organiser system is a pull-out shelf for base units. It holds two removable baskets which make the perfect place for keeping cleaning materials. To use, just remove the containers – you can then carry the products with the minimum of effort.

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