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HAILO Waste disposal reminder

Do you know the situation: You forgot again to put out your bins in time and now you have to deal with overfull bins until the next emptying date? With HAILO's free Waste disposal reminder, you'll never forget another waste disposal date! The built-in reminder function always informs you in good time which of the different bins - whether blue, green, black, brown or yellow - you have to make available for emptying when.

How it works

The application is very easy. Take the waste disposal calendar for your municipality or city and place the relevant bin symbols on the integrated annual calendar in the HAILO Waste disposal reminder. You can choose how long in advance you would like to be reminded of the relevant waste collection date, either by E-mail or push message.

Calendar view of the Hailo waste alarm clock app on a smartphone
  • calendar fills automatically as soon as the first appointment and the emptying rhythm for the corresponding bin is entered

  • trash cans can be added, renamed or deleted as desired

  • holidays are automatically entered in the calendar after selecting the federal state, the integrated warning function indicates when a waste collection date falls on a holiday

  • automatic sorting of the waste collection dates in the overview according to the number of days until the next emptying

  • intuitive controls

  • reminder of the emptying dates either by e-mail or push message

  • day and time for reminders can be set separately for email and push reminders

  • e-mail addresses can easily be taken over from the address book

Try it now for free

Here you can download the waste disposal reminder app for free:

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