Fall protection systems

Whether working up high or down below, there are plenty of potential causes of accidents. If the risk of falling is to be minimised, every system for ladders on installations and buildings should be fitted with equipment to protect workers from falling. In order to ensure safety at such a workplace, the DIN 18799 guideline stipulates that fixed ladders on buildings and on mechanical equipment must be secured with climbing protection from a height of 3 meters. That's why HAILO not only provides safe ladder and access technology, but also fall arrest systems and fall protection systems. A variety of fall arrest systems are available, using either a rope or a fall arrest rail.

The HAILO range of fall arrest systems and fall protection systems

To ensure safety and stability when working at great heights and depths, we offer our customers a broad range of fall protection equipment. It includes fall arrest systems, guard rails, retractable type fall arresters and other accessories that make a ladder a safe place to work.
We would be happy to advise you on the essential and useful safety components that your system needs.

Rail and rope systems – Safety first

The various rail systems safeguard ascent and descent and comply with the national and European guidelines under Directive 89/686/EEC. Almost all the individual components are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium and offer a high standard of quality. A rope or a rail-based system can be chosen, depending on the installation and ladder. The two H50 and A11 rail systems and the H8 rope system come with the appropriate fall arresters for connection to the full-body harness worn by the person. These comply with both the European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and the DIN EN 353-1:2018 standard and are primarily designed for ladders that are fixed in position.

Guard rails – For safety when moving at height

Fall protection in civil and structural engineering is also provided by guard rails which can be fastened either to the wall or to the floor. The clever design allows the rail modules to be expanded as required. They come in five standard widths, but should you need a customised intermediate size, we can produce this at short notice.

Tripod – For the mobile protection of people and loads

A tripod is a mobile structure that is used to accommodate fall arresters and winches. It is mainly installed wherever people have to work in open shafts and need to be protected there. It is also extremely practical when materials have to be transported up and down great distances.

Extension arm – For the stationary protection of people and loads

In contrast to the tripod, an extension arm is a stationary structure. Both of these devices operate in the same way, but an extension arm can also be attached to a vehicle.

Fall arrester – Safe protection against falls from height

A fall arrester must be attached and secured properly before it is used to protect people as they ascend and descend shafts. A rope structure prevents falling, while the person secured can also be hoisted up because the rope unit is connected to the worker's full-body harness.

Winches – For transporting tools and materials

HAILO winches are designed for use at mobile and stationary anchor points. They are mobile, which means they can be removed from the anchor point quickly at any time and relocated to another site. Made from stainless steel, the winch is type-tested according to Directive 2006/42/EC and can take loads of up to 300 kg. That means heavy weights can be lowered down a shaft or hoisted up quickly and without any complications.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Safety harness

A harness is an essential component of any arrest system. Depending on the purpose, a particular type of harness may need to be selected. Different fall arrest systems may require different harnesses. We would be happy to advise you. We also offer accessories including a range of connectors for ensuring safety when working at great height.

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