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We offer our customers stepladders made of high-grade aluminium in a wide range of product series and variants. All stepladders are available as folding ladders with between 3 and 8 steps, which come in depths of 8 or 13 cm.

HAILO stepladders offer safety and functionality at the highest level. They conform to exacting requirements, not just in the materials and workmanship. With unique as well as intelligent and practical details they make work easier at any height. Day in, day out. HAILO: inventor of the aluminium household ladder.

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The special features of our stepladders

Safety rail on a stepladder extends

Extendable safety holding rail

To enhance safety on the ladder, the rail can be extended and set at the optimum height for holding or leaning on while working. The safety holding rail is available for all aluminium stepladders of the L100 TopLine product series.

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Practical multifunctional storage tray with bucket loop on a stepladder

Multipurpose storage tray

The storage tray offers space for tools, tins of paint, adhesive tape and other materials that are needed when working on the ladder. The tray gives the user quick and convenient access to their materials, saving frequent ascents and descents. It also features 2 slots for cordless screwdrivers of various sizes. Every aluminium stepladder of the L100 TopLine, L80 ComfortLine and L60 StandardLine product series are fitted with the multipurpose tray as standard.

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Person closes the click-quick release of the bucket strap attached to the storage tray of a Hailo stepladder

Bucket strap

To allow not only a bucket but also a handheld vacuum cleaner or cable drum to be attached securely to the ladder, the L100 TopLine and L80 ComfortLine models are fitted with a bucket strap with click-in quick lock as standard.

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Universal hook/clip

Universal hooks are used for hanging hedge shears, cleaning materials or paint rollers. Clips are provided for attaching brooms or fruit-pickers. All aluminium stepladders from the L100 product series are fitted with universal hooks and clips as standard.

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Person locks the platform lock of a spreading ladder

Platform lock

To prevent the ladder collapsing accidentally when you climb on it or carry it to another location, our L100 TopLine product series comes with a lock for the platform.

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XXL steps

Generally the steps have a depth of 8 cm, although this has been enlarged to 13 cm in the XXL variant. The greater tread surface offers more comfort when standing while also enhancing safety. Like all other models, these steps are also characterised by non-slip ribbing and rounded step edges. The XXL steps are offered for aluminium ladders of the L100 TopLine and L80 ComfortLine product series.

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Double step stepladder with platform

D60 StandardLine double stepladder

This model is fitted with steps on both sides, offering clear benefits for many applications compared with stepladders that can only be mounted on one side. It means the ladder does not need to be moved so often when painting walls, for instance, since a larger area can be accessed on both sides. As a folding ladder, the D60 is ideally suited for private use – it is easy to use, stows away practically and makes many jobs such as window cleaning and vacuum cleaning at heights a whole lot easier.

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Popular number of steps

Accessories for HAILO stepladders

Woman standing in the stairwell on a stepladder placed on a landing, hanging a picture

TP1 stairs platform

Designed for all folding steps and stepladders with up to and including 4 steps, the stairs platform is ideal for safe, comfortable jobs in the stairwell. Its robust design with a sturdy aluminium frame system allows the TP1 to turn every stepladder and folding steps with up to and including 4 steps into a safe and easily accessed platform for renovating and decorating jobs.

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Person replaces the EasyClix feet on a Hailo stepladder in the garden


The innovative foot-change system turns our one-sided stepladders into a versatile all-rounder, making it the perfect complement for a safe base. The feet of the stepladder can be easily adapted to the particular surface in a matter of moments. HAILO offers 2 further varieties of foot in addition to the foot fitted as standard.

EasyClix LIVING: This variant of foot is particularly slip-resistant and protectives sensitive floorcoverings from scratching and scraping.

EasyClix GARDEN: The plate-shaped feet guarantee a safe base, especially on soft surfaces, which means they are particularly suited for outdoor use.

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The most important quality promises for our stepladders

Person steht auf der Plattform der TL100 TopLine

Load capacity

All aluminium stepladders can be safely accessed and take loads of up to 150 kg in accordance with the requirements of the EN 131 standard.

Mann lehnt an Doppelstufenleiter

Best material

All ladders of the 4 product lines are primarily made from aluminium, which means they are particularly sturdy, light to handle and easy to transport. In addition, the large standing platform on all aluminium ladders is made from steel because this offers greater stability alongside the same material strength.

HAILO L100 TopLine auf Baustelle mit Garantie-Signet


For private users we offer a warranty of at least 10 years, for ladders of the L100 TopLine product as much as 25 years. Industrial users are given a three-year warranty for all product series.

HAILO: expertise when it comes to stepladders

HAILO brought the first aluminium safety household ladder onto the market in 1954. While the ladders used to be made of steel, now aluminium is the predominant raw material in the manufacturing process. Its reliable stepladders and many other innovations in various product segments over the years have turned the company into the market leader in Germany. That is one of the reasons HAILO was added to the “German Standards - Brands of the Century” encyclopaedia as long ago as 2007.