HAILO ladder systems for shafts

HAILO Professional has made an international reputation for itself with its civil and structural engineering products. Our many years of experience and expertise, particularly in shaft and ladder systems, have added sparkle to the brand. Hailo has stood for innovation and refinement since as far back as 1947, proving ever since how good ideas can be turned into pioneering products. This tradition is also the basis for ladder systems for shafts which ensure safety when working at height or depth. Developed by experts, our products are tailored specifically to the requirements of DIY, industry and the service sector.

The HAILO range of shaft systems

Stability, quality and high-grade materials are characteristics that mark all our Hailo products. We take safety extremely seriously, which is why all shaft ladders and other shaft system accessories are tested and conform to the applicable European standards (DIN EN).
Our HAILO Professional range comprises all products that are useful for everyday working life, from suitable shaft ladders through shaft covers to rest platforms. A brief overview of the product bandwidth will give you an idea of the many different options that Hailo offers.
HAILO Professional would also be happy to equip your company with tailor-made customisations for special structures. We will assist you with expert know-how and offer advice on the various options. When it comes to access systems at the highest level, Hailo Professional is the right partner for you.

HAILO shaft ladders – For safe descents

HAILO's shaft ladders ensure safety and security when descending a shaft. The ladders are fitted with non-slip rungs that will take you down safely, while the profiles of the stiles offer a reliable grip that makes it easier to climb down the stainless steel ladder.

You can choose between different ladder lengths and numbers of rungs, depending on the depth of the structure. The appropriate ladder connectors allow the ladder to be extended as required. Similarly, the width of the ladder can be chosen to suit the need, with a width of 300 mm or 400 mm possible. You also have a range of materials to choose from, such as two different kinds of stainless steel, a variant in galvanized steel or glass fibre-reinforced plastic. This choice should be made on the basis of the mechanical and chemical requirements of the location at which the ladder is to be installed.

HAILO Safety Cage systems – Always safe and sound

HAILO offers a variety of designs when it comes to safety cage systems. As well as the safety cage itself, for instance, a crossing unit and an exit unit are also available. These make it easier to clamber down the shaft ladder, offer additional protection against accidents and ensure extra stability. An exit extension that covers the gap between the top step and the structure is also indispensable, which is why it is included in the safety cage system.

All the necessary components are made from high-grade stainless steel, although you have a choice between two different types of stainless steel material.

The HAILO H-CSL cable shaft ladder system – Practical and refined

This ladder system makes it particularly easy, and above all safely, to enter the shaft. The innovative design means the lower part of the ladder can be moved, so it does not have to be permanently attached to the vertical wall. That makes it ideal for use where there are utility pipes in the structure and the ladder would be in the way, e.g. in cable shafts. The fact that the ladder can be detached also means there is plenty of space available in the shaft for the work that needs to be done.

There are a number of different ways of finding the appropriate system for the work situation: you can either choose between three existing ladder systems offering different access aids, or decide on a customised system. Of course, it goes without saying that we also offer a range of materials suitable for every structure: stainless steel, aluminium or galvanized steel.

Hailo attachment systems – Keeping everything in the right place

There are a number of attachment systems for attaching your fixed ladder safely, including wall bracket systems of various sizes, bottom brackets and the appropriate bolt anchors. These ensure both sturdy installation and safety in use. The materials available to choose from here include different kinds of stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Accessories – Work has never been more comfortable

Should you also need elements such as platforms, attachment rails or ladder hooks, it's worth taking a look at our ladder system accessories for shafts as well. You will find plenty of useful parts that make the work even easier and ensure both safety and sufficient space for the jobs that need to be done. Again, you can rely on the high quality of materials used for our accessories.

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