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Dual Study

So you’d like to study and are looking for an attractive partner company? Then we’d like to meet you. We are in constant need of young committed new talent who want to achieve their potential and realise their ideas. HAILO can offer you plenty of career opportunities and great prospects. We excel at hands-on learning and first-rate in-depth supervision.

The Dual Study principle

The foundation for modern learning is laid when the theory and practice complement each other and academic training is applied hands-on. We think it’s a particularly valuable approach. Because in a world of rapid change, agility is the name of the game. And there’s no coasting with the Dual Study principle. Theory and practice alternate constantly, and you apply what you’ve learned directly in real business processes and project-based tasks. The benefits are obvious: you’ll be on a fast, active, hands-on degree course that’s paid for!

The courses

We’ve been offering Dual Study courses at bachelor’s and master’s levels year on year since 2004. The “StudiumPlus” packages are provided in partnership with the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Gießen. We provide the following courses

We publish the current courses on the website of StudiumPlus: https://www.studiumplus.de

More about StudiumPlus

Who is involved in the StudiumPlus programme?

StudiumPlus is offered in collaboration with Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Gießen, the Central Hesse Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry – through lead chambers Dillenburg CCI and Wetzlar CCI – as well as companies in the region who are affiliated to the CCD (see below).

What is the CCD?

The CCD, or “CompetenceCenter Duale Hochschulstudien StudiumPlus”, is an amalgamation of companies involved in StudiumPlus (the Business Club) and Dillenburg and Wetzlar Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It works in collaboration with the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences in Gießen.

How is StudiumPlus financed?

The standard teaching programme provided by StudiumPlus is financed by the State of Hesse. All other course content is financed by contributions from the CCD’s member companies, e.g. small group work, supervision of work placements, business etiquette seminars, business ethics, mentor programmes and the facilities provided at Spilburg Business Park in Wetzlar.

What influence do the companies have on the course content?

The Dual Study Academy (ZDH) sets out the course content and is supported and advised in this role by an advisory panel known as the Curatorium. This body comprises representatives of the companies and the university who come together on equal terms.

What is a bachelor’s degree?

In Europe, a bachelor’s is the first academic degree which is awarded after a graduate course of study of 7 semesters including mostly practical work. The four or five years of study which was traditional in many European countries was replaced by bachelor’s and master’s courses as part of the Bologna Process. In Germany, bachelor’s degrees may only be awarded by academic universities and universities of applied sciences which is similar to most European countries. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree, students can then continue (depending on their interests, marks and professional experience) with a postgraduate master’s course. This may involve either deepening their academic knowledge in their specialism or acquiring practical knowledge in a different specialism.

Who is eligible for StudiumPlus?

If you would like to take part in StudiumPlus, you need to have passed the general or subject-specific university entrance examination and have a training contract with a StudiumPlus partner company. You will also need to have good marks, language skills, a high level of motivation, an ability to work independently and to use your own initiative and be open-minded and a team player.

When does it start?

The pre-study placement starts on 1 August. The course commences at the University of Applied Sciences in October at the start of the winter semester.

How is the time allocated for holidays?

Your entire holiday allocation is divided up proportionally between the study periods and the placements. There are no university semester breaks.

What does the company pay for?

  • Annual membership of StudiumPlus
  • A monthly contribution per student to the CCD

What do students pay for?

  • Registration fee

How do students finance themselves?

Students receive an apprenticeship salary from the company in their 3rd/4th year of study.

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