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HAILO EasyClix: The Replaceable Foot System

From basement to loft, a ladder is essential for the huge range of jobs that need doing throughout the home, whether it’s cleaning windows, hanging curtains or putting the laundry away. And to do these jobs, the ladder needs to stand on a variety of surfaces, such as floor screed, tiles, parquet and marble. The problem with conventional household ladders is that they’re not equally suitable for all floor coverings and so they don’t provide optimum stability on all surfaces.

We have now solved this problem and developed our innovative replaceable foot system, EasyClix, which makes a versatile all-rounder out of all HAILO stepladders (manufactured from 01/2015). The idea is that the ladder can be fitted with the right feet for any surface with just a few manual adjustments!

Quick change in just 3 steps

The new EasyClix Replaceable Foot System makes light work of converting any HAILO stepladder for the job in hand in just 3 steps - and you don’t need to be clever with your hands to do it:

Attach the red clip to the end of the rail

Attach the red clip to
the end of the rail

Press the clip in and remove the foot

Press the clip in
and remove the foot

Click the new foot into place

Click the new foot
into place

Stepladder with EasyClix Living feet stands on brown parquet floor


The new EasyClix LIVING Foot protects delicate floor coverings, such as parquet, laminate, vinyl and marble, from scratches and streaks and is particularly slip-resistant.

Stepladder with EasyClix Garden feet stands on a green lawn


The large, disc-shaped EasyClix GARDEN Foot provides optimum stability, especially on soft ground. That’s all it takes to use an indoor household ladder outdoors as well.

EasyClix magazine with exchangeable ladder feet underneath the ladder platform

Includes a handy stowage compartment for mounting underneath the platform

The replacement feet and clips can be stored for next time underneath the platform in the space-saving stowage compartment supplied with the product.

Which EasyClix size is right for my ladder?

LadderSize MSize L
HAILO L100 TopLine-3 - 8 steps
HAILO L80 ComfortLine-3 - 8 steps
HAILO L60 StandardLine-3 - 8 steps
HAILO ChampionsLine XXR 225-3 - 6 steps
HAILO XXL Garden & Home-4 - 6 steps
HAILO ComfortLine XXR-3 - 8 steps
HAILO XXL-3 - 8 steps
HAILO L60 (bis Bj. 09/2016)3 - 4 steps5 - 8 steps
HAILO L60 (ab Bj. 10/2016)-3 - 8 steps
HAILO L503 - 4 steps5 - 8 steps
HAILO L203 - 4 steps5 - 8 steps
HAILO L40 (bis Bj. 02/2019)3 - 4 steps5 - 8 steps

Number of steps incl. platform

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