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Authorised online dealers

Just how much you trust a dealer is of crucial importance, particularly when you’re buying products on the internet. Unlike when you’re on a shopping trip to a specialist retailer, when you buy online there is no personal adviser standing next to you who can advise you and who you can turn to if problems crop up with the order or the delivery.

With its "Authorised HAILO Online Dealer" initiative, HAILO wants to give you greater certainty and provide even better support when you buy our products on the internet.

Authorised HAILO Online Dealers...

  • sell new HAILO products which are “Category A goods”; an Authorised Online Dealer must display used or refurbished goods specifically as such
  • achieve the best possible availability by actively cooperating with the manufacturer, distributors and online dealers
  • provide the latest product information and online tools firsthand

Online dealers are only accredited as “Authorised HAILO Online Dealers” when comprehensive checks confirm that the criteria set out by HAILO have been met. These criteria include attractive and customer-friendly shop design and customer-friendly after-sales service, as well as providing comprehensive advice as part of the purchase process.

The logo for Authorised Online Dealers

When you see this logo on a website, you know that you’re shopping with an Authorised HAILO Online Dealer:

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