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Universal solutions for transporting personnel and materials

HAILO Servicelifts have been specially developed for use in towers and buildings. Only top-quality materials and components are used, ensuring that the lifts provide safety and many years’ service in virtually all buildings. Whether installed in tubular towers or  lattice towers, thousands of HAILO Servicelifts have been in use all over the world for years – and demand is growing.

 All HAILO service lifts have powerful hoists. The load capacity and speed are dependent on the hoist type.

According to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

Hailo TOPlift

With the TOPlift Hailo is setting new trends. This ladder-guided service lift incorporates all the advantages of its predecessor and is enhanced with a number of special features. In addition, all the supporting elements are designed and supplied to allow the TOPlift to be used both for internal inspections in tubular towers and for external inspections on lattice towers. As well as the hotgalvanized supporting elements, the design also accommodates the interaction of the different materials. By further optimising its features, the TOPlift is now several kilos lighter without any impairment to its sturdy construction and outstanding operational qualities. The result is a service lift which easily exceeds the required standards in quality, reliability, handling and load capacity.

To meet the needs of our international customers, the cabin control and drive are supplied to accomodate all supply voltages. The TOPlift is available in a ladder-guided version with 2- and 3-man cabins. The dimensions are exactly the same as those of its predecessor, the H-200 SL, and are therefore compatible with all existing tower fittings. Thanks to their modular construction, all Hailo TOPlift models are perfect for retrofitting in existing turbines.

Safety features

Extensive features ensure that the servicelift can be used safely:

  1. Optimized travel route limits and additional limit switches above and below the cabin ensure maximum safety.
  2. High-quality fall arrester to ensure speed limitations while ascending or descending.
  3. Reliable hoist in accordance with international (quality) standards.
  4. Smart folding cabin door on the rear for direct access to the ladder in an emergency or for servicing.
  5. State-of-the-art control cabinets for a better overview and intuitive access to the E-control. Optionally available with innovative display.



Uncompromising quality – available worldwide!

With the GLOBALlift Hailo realizes its aim to deliver a servicelift from local production that meets the highest quality requirements – worldwide, fast and economical.

The Hailo GLOBALlift was developed from a cable-guided 2-man cabin. The drive hoist has a tractive force of 600 kg and is fitted with all relevant safety systems, such as an arrester device and load capacity limiter. The bearer cables, safety cables, power cable and other elements are manufactured specific to the customer and/or country.

The compact aluminium structure is approved to carry two passengers. The rows of perforated plate in the side walls provide an excellent ample view, while the fully enclosed cabin provides the best possible protection for the user.

Safety features

The Hailo Servicelift GLOBALlift is equipped with sophisticated monitoring and safety functions:

  1. Limit switch for restricting travel TOP/
  2. Safety cut-out for restricting travel TOP
  3. Continuous cable hoist
  4. The arrester protects the cabin against overspeed during travel,
  5. and in the event of a break in the bearer rope.
  6. Switch cabinet with electronic controls
  7. Lateral guide profile for guide cable
  8. Stop plate for safety cut-off for descents


Hailo Inspection Units
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