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Industrial Service Lifts from HAILO Professional

HAILO Professional service lifts are designed for use in towers, buildings and lattice towers, both indoors and outdoors. The use of high-quality materials and components makes them suitable for many years of frequent, safe use.

Originally developed for wind turbines, service lifts are increasingly finding their way into many areas of industry as access to hard-to-reach or high-altitude workplaces. Individually adapted to the conditions on site, they make a significant contribution both to the operational readiness and value retention of the plants and to the health protection of the maintenance personnel.

All HAILO service lifts are equipped with powerful winches and many safety components and are certified according to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The size, maximum payload and travel speed can be configured to a limited extent.

HAILO Professional offers a full service with its long experienced team of experts:
From feasibility analysis and consulting, to measurement, technical planning and design, custom manufacturing, delivery and assembly, commissioning and technical acceptance by independent test centers, to user training and periodic testing and maintenance. Everything from a single source.

Fields of application:

DamsWeather towers
Water towersHigh bay warehouse
Power plant towersAmusement parks


Service-Lift an Hochregallager
High bay warehouse (Frankfurt), TOPlift, 40 m travel distance
Service-Lift im Schacht einer Talsperre
Dam (Trier), GLOBALlift in sliding shaft, 50 m deep
Service-Lift an einem Wettermast
Steel weather mast (Meppen), TOPlift, 80 m tower height

Hailo TOPlift

For safe maintenance on structures indoors and outdoors.

With the TOPlift, HAILO Professional offers a ladder-guided service lift which, thanks to the guidance on the side rails of the fixed ladder, ensures particularly smooth travel characteristics and thus a safe driving experience.

The TOPLift is used wherever there is generous space conditions and a consistently straight building structure are given.

In addition to a high degree of user-friendliness, the HAILO TOPlift is also characterized by the material mix used, which ensures maximum weight reduction and durability. The high-quality components make it suitable for use it indoors and outdoors. The robust design and excellent running characteristics ensure user-friendly and safe operation for many years.

Safety features

Extensive features ensure that the servicelift can be used safely:

  1. Optimized travel route limits and additional limit switches above and below the cabin ensure maximum safety.
  2. High-quality fall arrester to ensure speed limitations while ascending or descending.
  3. Reliable hoist in accordance with international (quality) standards.
  4. Folding cabin door on the rear for direct access to the ladder in an emergency or for servicing.
  5. State-of-the-art control cabinets for a better overview and intuitive access to the E-control. Optionally available with innovative display.



Safety and comfort when accessing high structures.

With the GLOBALlift, HAILO Professional offers a service lift that can be installed and operated at almost any site due to its flexibility and adaptability. Due to the guidance on steel cables, unevenness of the structure can be neglected to a limited extent. Thus, the GLOBALlift finds its way regardless of the structure of the building.

Of course, the GLOBALlift is also equipped with all relevant safety components, such as safety gear and overload protection. Support and safety ropes, power cables and other elements are configured to customer specifications. The compact aluminum construction with rows of perforated plates in the side walls, provides good all-round visibility and thus a safe driving experience. At the same time, the completely enclosed cabin provides the user with the highest possible protection.

Safety features

The HAILO Servicelift GLOBALlift is equipped with sophisticated monitoring and safety functions:

  1. Limit switch for restricting travel TOP/
  2. Safety cut-out for restricting travel TOP
  3. Continuous cable hoist
  4. The arrester protects the cabin against overspeed during travel,
  5. and in the event of a break in the bearer rope.
  6. Switch cabinet with electronic controls
  7. Lateral guide profile for guide cable
  8. Stop plate for safety cut-off for descents


HAILO Service lifts
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