Shaft covers

Shaft covers are used to close openings in the ground and entries of all kinds. Ultimately, they are a kind of lid for a shaft. HAILO Professional offers a number of versions in stainless steel, ranging from simple shaft covers through to heavy-duty covers of load class F 900kN. These can be not only walked on but also driven on.

The HAILO range of shaft covers

HAILO Professional has been your reliable partner both for standard and for customised covers for 30 years already. Whether round or rectangular, with or without a frame, for indoor or for outdoor use, HAILO has the right shaft cover to suit your own particular needs.
Since not every installation has the same requirements, we offer a range of shaft covers that have different characteristics. What they all have in common, though, is that they guarantee safety. The premium materials used and their high quality mean you can rely on every cover. To find out what shaft cover is most suitable for you, take a look at the different versions in various sizes, load classes, opening mechanisms and safety features.


Raised shaft covers are those that protrude above the ground rather than being flush with it. These covers are usually used for drinking water supply shafts or the like. HAILO Professional offers these standard shaft covers in both round and rectangular forms. The covers for the shaft are made from either steel or aluminium, making them sturdy and resistant to corrosion.


Flush shaft covers fit seamlessly into the ground and do not protrude above it. Again, these covers are available in round and rectangular versions. All the products of this category consist of high-grade stainless steel and conform to DIN EN 124. The covers are usually of heavy design and capable of bearing considerable loads. These heavy-duty covers are often installed on roads, squares and airports. The HAILO HS 8 cover can bear loads of 40 tons and is suitable as a cover on carriageways. The HAILO HS 14 shaft cover is installed at airports, among other places. With a load capacity of 90 tons, it can even support a taxiing jumbo jet.

H-CSC cable shaft cover

This shaft cover is suitable for cable and utility shafts in tunnel systems. It is extremely heat-resistant and can withstand a conflagration in the tunnel, for instance. That means the utility pipes in the shaft remain safe and functional for longer in the event of an accident. The rectangular cover is available in galvanized steel or stainless steel 1.4301 and 1.4571. The same applies for the frame and the lid trough. The cover is flush to the ground and intended for concreting in place. Since the shaft cover can be driven on, it is also suitable for areas that are used by vehicle traffic.

Hydraulic opening for heavy-duty shaft covers

Heavy-duty shaft covers require technical equipment that make it easier to open the lid. The shaft lids, which can weigh up to several hundred kilograms, cannot be moved by muscle power alone. Hydraulic units for opening the cover make opening child's play. They represent an optimal solution even at remote places where no power supply is available. A cordless screwdriver is required in order to operate the HAILO hydraulic unit, open the cover easily and raise it with the minimum of effort. The hydraulic system is also configured with safety-related features such as a check valve. You can choose between a hydraulic unit in the cover frame, a mobile or a stationary unit.


For even better operability and additional parts that further enhance safety when working, why not take a look at the accessories for the various shaft covers? Among the useful additions you will find there are guard rails and a folding safety grate.

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