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Built-in waste bins

For us, outstanding quality means that our products keep on providing invaluable support for day-to-day jobs even after many years of intensive use. As built-in products, waste bins in particular are used in the kitchen day after day. To ensure we can offer our customers a convenient and long-lasting product of premium quality, HAILO built-in waste bins are characterised by high-grade materials, certified quality management and the "Made in Germany" stamp. That's why our built-in waste bins are subjected to comprehensive fatigue testing during development before going into series production.

The HAILO range of built-in waste bins

Ever since the first HAILO waste bin for fitted kitchens appeared on the market back in 1953, we have been working continuously on the development of innovative conceptual solutions. That is how we, the market leader when it comes to built-in kitchen technology, set the standards for modern kitchen management.

Our many years of expertise in built-in kitchen technology make us the reliable partner for you. We offer our customers tailored series that allow every last bit of storage space in the kitchen to be fitted with individual product solutions.

Our product range includes a variety of built-in waste bin models for units with swing doors. Many of our HAILO built-in products have garnered numerous prizes for elegance and the high quality of their design. You can choose the appropriate product for your requirements from a wide spectrum of built-in waste bins.

HAILO Mono and HAILO Big Box – Timeless classics in many forms

Our Big Box offers a persuasive combination of large capacity (15 or 20 litres) and minimal dimensions. The built-in waste bin is mounted on the cabinet door, making it particularly suitable for installation underneath a sink. It is extremely convenient to use, since the container lid remains hidden in the unit when opened and the turn-and-lift mechanism means only the bin is exposed. It is covered again when the door is closed.

Our Mono models functions along the same lines. This waste bin is likewise fitted with the handy "turn-and-tilt lid" system, so that the lid of the waste bin remains in the unit while the door is being opened and only the container of the bin is seen. The housing of the bin is made of sheet steel. The removable plastic inner bin comes in 12 and 15-litre versions. As elegant classics, the two Big Box and Mono models have already proven their worth millions of times over.

HAILO Solo – The waste bin in the handy rectangular format

Our Solo model is the best choice for swing-door base units from a width of 300 mm. The narrow, rectangular form of the Solo is particularly useful. Despite its compact dimensions, the Solo offers a capacity of no less than 20 litres, making it a real space-saver. Another plus point of the Solo is the automatic extension system, which offers added convenience: the waste bin extends automatically from fitted swing-door units from a unit width of 400 mm.

HAILO Öko Flex – Eco-friendly waste separation made easy

With the optional two containers, the Öko Flex built-in waste bin series simplifies appropriate rubbish separation in the kitchen. The capacity of the containers comes to 16 or 18 litres in total. It is available in a variety of design combinations in white, dark grey and stainless steel. As well as having an elegant, elongated oval design, it is a robust, built-in waste bin with a large opening. Customers also appreciate the fact it is particularly easy to clean.

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