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Ladder scaffolds

Whether as an aluminium scaffold or aluminium ladder, the HAILO G60 provides a safe basis for jobs where time and the freedom to move are essential.

It offers a variability that easily masters all challenges for safe, comfortable work on a scaffold in the domestic environment – a true multipurpose scaffold, if you like. In its workmanship, versatility and safety configuration, however, the scaffold more than meets professional standards as well.

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The special features of the HAILO G60

"Fast & Lock" closure of a scaffold for easy handling and easy, quick assembly

Fast & Lock closures

This means faster, easier assembly and disassembly and no more tiresome screwing and locking. Our "Fast & Lock" closure makes erecting the scaffold child's play while at the same time delivering maximum safety and variability in working heights.

Man climbs through an access hatch of a scaffold

Access hatch

For safe and comfortable ascent and descent, just open the hatch in the work platform of the scaffold and climb up and down safely and comfortably using the ladder element of the scaffold.

2 transport wheels on a scaffold

Transport wheels

So you've finished painting the façade and now need to move the scaffold? No problem. The integrated transport wheels make this dead easy. Lift the scaffold on one side and simply move it using the transport wheels.

Scaffold standing on a step by means of stair adjustment

Step adjustment

Floor uneven, and stairs in the way? That's not a problem either. Whether used as a façade scaffold or work scaffold, the HAILO G60 offers considerable flexibility. Just hang the work platform on a different rung and that's the scaffold converted, meaning you can work at a range of heights at any time.

Platform between 2 ladder sections of scaffolding

Scaffold and ladder

Need to change a light fitting or carry out some minor improvements? Our scaffold can be adjusted for any height in a matter of moments. Just fold the rung ladders to form a trestle ladder, and the new light fitting will be done in a moment. Convert it into a lean-to ladder, and that hole will soon be drilled.

The HAILO multipurpose scaffold: our aluminium jack of all trades

Whether as a work platform, a lean-to or double ladder or a scaffold for indoor and outdoor use, the clever thing about the HAILO G60 is that it allows all these possible uses. That's why our jack of all trades means you no longer need to buy new scaffolds or ladders with different heights or widths. It offers a solid foundation for a variety of working heights that can be reached in a number of different ways: as a scaffold for a working height of up to 433 cm, a lean-to ladder for a working height of up to 421 cm and a trestle ladder for a working height of up to 295 cm. The multipurpose HAILO G60 scaffold is a handy jack of all trades.

The most important quality promises of our multipurpose scaffold

Man standing with a bucket in front of a Hailo scaffolding that is standing on a house facade, warranty seal with 5 years warranty on the Hailo G60

Easy to handle

With its crosspieces and the integrated transport wheels, the mobile scaffold can be transported to the desired location and positioned there without any great problem. That means assembly and disassembly is anything but fiddly.


We offer private users a 5-year warranty on our scaffold. Industrial users are given a three-year warranty for our aluminium scaffold.

Man standing on scaffolding on a house facade painting it

Low weight

The scaffold and the ladders comprising our multipurpose scaffold are made of aluminium.

Safety and load capacity

Its sturdy construction means that our multipurpose scaffold has a load capacity of up to 150 kg.

HAILO: innovation in the multipurpose scaffold sector

It was back in 2003 that HAILO brought the first aluminium ladder scaffold onto the market as a revolutionary, innovative product. With more than 70 years of experience and competence, the company stands for excellence and expertise in every business segment. Its strong customer orientation allows HAILO constantly to create practical, original products.