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Even the best scaffolding can show signs of wear after a long period of time despite the best quality of the materials and may need some improvement here and there. So you don't have to buy a completely new scaffolding just because something is missing or a single part has broken, HAILO offers you a whole range of suitable spare parts. After you have replaced the defective or worn parts, your HAILO scaffolding is fully operational again. Thanks to our many years of experience and interaction with our customers, we know that, depending on the intensity of use, only individual scaffolding parts need to be replaced or repaired here and there.

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Our range of spare parts for scaffolds

Spare part sets

Small parts in particular, such as screws, nuts, connecting pins, etc. often get lost. Especially for such parts, but also for feet or clamping hooks, there are various spare part sets which complement the missing scaffolding parts. Depending on your requirements, there is a set for assembly accessories, fixing materials and an accessory bag available online.

Rail and diagonal braces

Rail and diagonal braces are an important prerequisite for your safety when working on the scaffold, as they give the scaffold stability and sturdiness. The rail braces are fitted on the side of the scaffold to provide additional protection against falling off. If such braces are missing or need to be replaced, you should make sure you replace them before the next time you use the scaffold – for your own safety.

Threaded rods

The threaded rods are used as a connecting element attaching the rail and diagonal braces to the ladder sections and are secured by means of wing nuts/washers. Please select the correct length of the threaded rod before purchase. We recommend that you refer to the assembly instructions for the sizes. All essential parts can be replaced quickly and easily.