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Customized solutions for Drawers

As well as the extensive choice of waste separation and storage systems in its standard range, HAILO offers made-tomeasure, customised solutions that support kitchen brands with their unique features.

Precision-fit developments for all existing drawer systems and storage units supplied by well-known manufacturers, such as Blum, Grass, Hettich and others, lend individuality and provide for a high degree of differentiation.

HAILO develops this added value in the utilisation of space and the design of the drawer systems and storage units with you and for you. As the market leader in the kitchen cupboard and drawer storage fittings
sector, we’ll find the right options for you, too.

Many well-known kitchen manufacturers already successfully market their kitchens with customized recycling systems.

HAILO Built-in Technology is the only problem solver
in the area of Customized Solutions
up to the quantity ONE!

HAILO Zargen Cargo (Hanging system)

Suitable for all standard drawer frames, HAILO can develop a patented waste separation system for you that provides several benefits:

  • Easy Installation
  • Front-Attachment and -Adjustment as usual
  • Stability
  • Hygiene
  • Individuality
  • Variability

Configuration of Bins and Inserts as per your requirement, and available space.

  • Upper Bins Frame, hang - thru bins, without drawer bottom.
  • Individual bin configuration, as per cabinet-maker’s requirements.
  • Closed system, flush sides & surfaces.
  • Stabilizer frame, Alu, replaces drawer-bottom.
  • Adjustment of front-panel and attachment in the usual way.
  • Not any extra brackets needed.
  • Suitable systems for all common drawers, of any make, of any width, or depth.
  • Easy installation, usual front-adjustment.

HAILO Separato (Standing system)

For all drawers from 2 levels height, HAILO offers individual designs & solutions.
Newly developed Hailo-system, patented, with various advantages:

  • Easy Installation
  • Usual Front - Adjustment and Attachment
  • Stability
  • Hygiene
  • Individuality
  • Flexibility
  • Optimized Installation Area

Individual Configuration
Bins, organizer, and cleansers-inserts

Optimized utilisation of space
Recycling- and Organizer-Center

Closed upper frame flush surfaces
No miss-hits. No mess. Smooth surfaces for cleaning

Usual Attachment and Adjustment of front-panel
No any further brackets required

Easy Installation
usual front attachment

HAILO Plinth Drawer Cargo

Optimized utilisation of available space, and ideal use of plinth-drawer, including use of plinth-area.

Makes the best use of storage space
Also utilises space behind plinth for storage

Closed bins frame, flush surfaces
easy to clean. No miss-hits. No mess. Smooth surfaces for cleaning

Adiustment of pull-out
is still be maintained

Easy Installation
usual front-attachment

Would you like more information about the customized HAILO installation products? Contact us, we are happy to be there for you!


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