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Recycling bins

Waste does not only accumulate in the household. It’s also produced in operational facilities, meaning, it’s necessary to provide waste collectors with a suitable waste separation system in workshops, production halls, logistics centres, or similar indoor spaces.

Waste separation is almost more important in the workplace because of the large amount of people disposing of their waste in passing. HAILO offers high-quality, large-capacity recyclable waste collectors that are not only suitable for company equipment, but also blend in well inside shopping malls, at trade fairs or railway stations.

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HAILO’s recyclable waste collectors special features

High-quality material

Our recycling bins are made of high-quality material. The containers of the HAILO ProfiLine WSB Design series are made of technical plastic (ABS). We make no compromises when it comes to quality, which is why the container, the flap and the front are all made of impact-resistant and durable material. The HAILO ProfiLine WSB Plus XXL recycling bin is made of powder-coated, galvanised sheet steel to compliment it’s clean, modern design.

A variation on the throw-in flap

The HAILO ProfiLine WSB Design Plus XXXL is equipped with a practical feature that makes waste separation even easier. Different access flaps with different colours and opening sizes visually identify the type of waste which is intended to go into each recycling bin. The enclosed stickers, providing another indication of the type of waste meant to go into the bin, make quick waste separation even easier. Finding the right container for paper or a banana peel then only takes a few seconds.

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Connecting elements

The plastic recycling bins in the HAILO ProfiLine WSB Design series can be attached to each other very easily. The connecting clips allow the waste bins to be lined up to form a unit, a so-called recyclables collection station. This way all waste separators are stationary in one place, and there is no longer any obstacle to accurate waste separation.

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Since company waste bins are used by a large number of people, a correspondingly large amount of waste accumulates there. It's imperative that waste collectors need to have larger litre volumes to accommodate this. HAILO offers large-volume recyclable waste collectors with a capacity of 120 litres.

Recycling bins with style

Our recycling bins are an attractive option, not only because of their uncompromising functionality but also thanks to their design. It’s important for us to always keep up to date, and our products,  with their modern and attractive appearance, reflect this. We’ve made it our business to combine style with functionality. Whether it’s a plastic or stainless steel recycling bin - our recycling bins always fit harmoniously into their respective environments.

The most important quality promises of our recycling bins

Durable products

Thanks to the high-quality material used in the production of our recycling bins, HAILO offers notably durable products - our recycling bins won't let you down!

Easy handling

The connecting clips make it possible to create a suitable waste separation system quickly and easily. The coloured lids make it easier for users to immediately identify which waste belongs in which bin. Thanks to the built-in waste bag holder or pick-up device, disposing of the garbage at the end of the day is also simple.


Private users receive a five-year warranty on the HAILO recycling bin product ranges. Commercial users are offered a three-year warranty.

The HAILO company: Expertise in waste

As a family-run company, HAILO not only produces attractive, high-functioning recycling bins for commercial use but has also been manufacturing waste bins for domestic use since the 1950s. Smart and innovative solutions for waste separation and disposal are important to us. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, HAILO stands out with its expertise and uses the knowledge gained to simplify waste disposal. Quality and the easing of everyday life are goals that the company strives for with every product creation. We are on your side - at home and out in the world!