Hydraulic opening system for heavy-duty shaft covers

As well as producing gas-pressurised springs and electric actuators for its heavy-duty shaft covers, HAILO has now also developed a hydraulic opening system. Shaft cover lids weighing several hundred kilograms can be opened safely and easily using a cordless screwdriver requiring very little effort. Not only does the hydraulic system allow the opening units to be operated easily, but it is also equipped with essential components for safe operation, such as non-return valves and pressure relief valves.

Hydraulic unit in cover frame

The hydraulic unit consists of a tank and a pump and is built into the cover. All that’s required to operate the unit is a cordless screwdriver and the operator key which take up very little space in a tool kit.

Mobile hydraulic unit

The opening unit, consisting of a tank and a pump, is portable and is accommodated in the system’s compact housing. The advantage here is that it can be used for a number of shaft covers. This unit is also operated using a standard cordless screwdriver.

Hydraulic hose is easily attached using the quick-lock system

A standard cordless screwdriver is all that’s required to power the opening and closing of the shaft cover

A manually activated drain valve is used to close the cover

Hydraulikeinheit stationär

Die Bedienung der Schachtabdeckung erfolgt mittels stationär aufgestelltem Hydraulik-Aggregat (230 V) inkl. E-Steuerung.

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