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Waste separation system

AS Tandem 15/15 Black Edition

The classic in a new look

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Built-in waste bin

HAILO Built-in recycling bin

For cabinets with drawer, from 400 mm width

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HAILO Pet station

Pet feeding made easy

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HAILO Libero 3.0 with voice control

Living becomes smart

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Euro Cargo

Larger and comfortable Separation

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Functional systems from HAILO Built-In Technology

Functional systems

Safety and Comfort in your kitchen, with HAILO'S functional systems: The highlight and also "HAILO Product of the Year“ is the electronic hands-free opener for any drawers, pull-outs, and side-mount systems with front-mount door, the "HAILO HFO-Libero".


Libero       Stepfix

Rapid        Kick & Go

Care Wall

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