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HAILO: A unique company, a unique history

Dear visitors,

as a leading manufacturer of ladder systems and waste bins, we offer our customers a wide range of innovative products that set standards. Since the company was founded by my grandfather in 1947, we have dedicated ourselves to making the work of tradesmen, DIYers and professionals both easier and safer.

Just about everyone knows HAILO. Many households have a ladder, ironing board or waste bin from HAILO. In 2017 we were able to look back on 70 successful years and opened the new HAILO Welt. We look forward to your visit - you’re very welcome.

Yours, Sebastian Loh

Quality is a tradition at HAILO

Since its foundation in 1947 by Rudolf Loh, HAILO has been producing high-quality ladders and waste garbage cans, which are not only used at home, but also in many companies and in public places. For example, a large number of toll bridges in Germany and Austria are equipped with HAILO ladders. To proudly present its 70-year history, HAILO opened the HAILO Welt in Haiger on the occasion of this anniversary in 2017. The complex includes the HAILO Museum, where the complete company and product history is shown, an exhibition area and an outlet. The HAILO Welt offers exciting information about the company, its products and their history to young and old.

View into the Hailo Museum
Hailo Museum with office chairs on the wall and a display area with stool seats
Hailo Museum mit Service-Lift und Steigleiter mit Rückenschutz
Hailo Museum with ironing boards and tumble dryers

The beginnings

Starting with metal beds, sanitary furniture, waste garbage cans, buckets and bed warming bottles, HAILO quickly developed into a popular brand for household goods in the post-war years. Just five years after its foundation, the former three-man company had 100 employees. Other products such as built-in waste bins followed and in 1960 the first aluminum household ladder was invented. HAILO revolutionized the market and set another milestone in the company's success story. The growing popularity of the HAILO brand and the German economic miracle of the 1950s and 1960s helped the company to continuously expand its market share. By 1964 the company already had 300 employees.

The seventies – a new generation

After the death of Rudolf Loh in 1971, his son Joachim Loh took over the company, initiating the generational change in the company. The 1970s were characterized by the Flower Power movement from the United States. This was also evident in the design of the products: "Colorful" was now the motto.

Product innovations in the eighties

In the 1980s and 1990s HAILO employees worked at full speed and developed many new ideas and designs. Probably no other time in the company's history has produced as many new products as back then. The products were also heavily advertised on television with commercials that have now reached cult status.

Product changes in the course of time

Today HAILO is known and loved mainly for its ladders and trash cans, but initially HAILO also offered ironing tables, small furniture, tables and chairs among many other products. Furthermore, built-in waste separation systems for the kitchen followed. In the 2000s HAILO changed a lot of its product portfolio: Steam ironing systems and the laundry care program were removed from the product range, but the range of ladder systems was expanded. Over time, HAILO increasingly bid farewell to many other product lines in order to be able to focus completely on the production of ladders and waste garbage cans. The product range for professional use was developed in parallel to offer the best possible solutions for private households and companies.

Hailo Museum, with a camp bed hanging on the wall and watering cans, hot water bottles and waste bins on display
Hailo Museum with historic Hailo stepladders on display

The red dot

Just like the products, the company logo changed again and again. Beginning with a white triangle in a black circle and the inscription "HAILO", the logo developed over six stations to the current red dot, which now represents the universally known identification mark of the cult brand.

Development of the Hailo logo

Hands-on tradition in the HAILO Welt

Have we aroused your interest? Then we look forward to welcoming you to the HAILO Welt and presenting you with an exciting review of the 70-year history and development of our company - from the 1940s to the present day. The entrance to the HAILO Museum is free of charge. Sufficient parking space is provided on site. After your visit to the museum, the HAILO Outlet also invites you to store and linger with a wide range of branded goods for your household.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Address and business hours

Daimlerstraße 6
D-35708 Haiger-Flammersbach

Phone: +49 (0) 2773 / 82 - 1316
Fax: +49 (0) 2773 / 82 - 1318
E-Mail: hailo-outlet@hailo.de

Business hours
Monday - Friday 1.00 PM - 6.00 PM
Saturday 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM

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