Bridging steps & plattform stairs

In many variants.

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Anti-slip manhole cover

with granular coating

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Burglar-resistant manhole covers

Certified to RC3 / DIN 1627

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Roof railing ladder exit

For safe entry and exit of fixed ladders on roof surfaces

To the safety railings on roof ascents

Fall protection systems

For safe working up high or down below

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Ladder inspection

Check your ladder quickly, conveniently and securely via app

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Safety trainings at any time worldwide

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New fall arrester SPL-50-PRO

For more safety

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Ladder systems for shaft structures

HAILO's shaft ladders ensure safety and security when descending a shaft. The ladders are fitted with non-slip rungs that will take you down safely, while the profiles of the stiles offer a reliable grip that makes it easier to climb down the ladder.


Shaft ladders     Rear safety cage systems

Cable shaft ladder system

Inspection units

Universal solutions for transporting personnel and materials

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HAILO Professional - Climbing technology & shaft equipment
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