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As the market leader and inventor of the aluminium household ladder, HAILO stands for functionality, long life and premium quality right down to the tiniest detail. After many years of use, however, parts of a stepladder can wear down or get lost in everyday life. That's why we offer an extensive range of high-end spare parts for many of our stepladders. The spare parts are all original parts from our series production, ensuring that you can continue to use our long-lasting HAILO ladders as usual for years to come. As the saying goes, don't scrap, repair!

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Our range of spare parts for stepladders

Removable ladder feet for the L100 TopLine

Replacement feet

Whether used outdoors or inside the house, after many years the feet of ladders can wear down. It is essential that these are always in perfect condition, because they ensure safe positioning when working. That's why we offer suitable spare feet not only for many current stepladder models, but also for some that are no longer in production.

Plastic caps on the side of a step on a stepladder

Step ends

Step ends are plastic caps that help to protect the corners and edges. If you need new ones, you can find a wide selection of step ends for both current and discontinued ladder models in our shop.

Safety rail of the L100 TopLine

Safety rails

When working on a ladder, nothing is more important than that feeling of safety. Safety rails that are fitted at the top end of the climbing section of the ladder contribute enormously to safety when stepladders are used. That's why we offer plastic safety rails as a replacement for many ladders supplied with a safety rail.

Multipurpose storage tray of the L60 StandardLine

Multipurpose storage trays

Some of our stepladders are supplied with a handy multipurpose storage tray as standard instead of a safety rail. The multipurpose storage tray can accommodate utensils such as nails, brushes, adhesive tape, tins of paint or sponges, ensuring they are always close to hand. The storage tray also features two slots for cordless screwdrivers. The L100 TopLine product series is additionally fitted with an extendable holding rail. Our storage trays are available as spare parts in our online shop.

Bucket strap of the L80 ComfortLine

Bucket straps

When working on a ladder, such as doing cleaning jobs, having your hands free makes the job a whole lot easier. That's why our L100 TopLine and L80 ComfortLine stepladder series come with a bucket strap. The practical click-in quick lock fixes the bucket, cable or the like in position in a matter of seconds. Should your bucket strap ever get lost or break, we can provide a replacement. They can also be ordered as an accessory for our L60 StandardLine product series.

Universal hooks for the L100 TopLine

Universal hooks

Our functional universal hook is a handy practical helper that allows you to fix smaller items such as hedge shears, cleaning materials or paint rollers to the multipurpose storage tray – which means they are always at your fingertips. Our L100 TopLine series is fitted with two universal hooks as standard. The handy HAILO universal hooks can be purchased as a spare part for this series and also as an accessory for the L80 ComfortLine and L60 StandardLine series.