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Folding steps

If you want to go a little bit higher in everyday life, then HAILO's folding steps are exactly the right thing for you. Whether you need to stow kitchen appliances away in a cupboard or just want to tidy up the laundry, out aluminium and steel folding steps will take you step by step to your destination.

You'll quickly notice that once a set of folding steps has come into your house, it will soon become indispensable. Compact in design, our folding steps with two to three steps are always within easy reach and just as quick to put away again neatly afterwards.

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The special features of our folding steps

Foot of folding step with soft-grip sole for sensitive floors

Feet with soft-grip sole

To ensure a particularly secure base, some of our folding step models are fitted with what is known as a soft-grip sole. The soft-grip sole provides optimum stability and non-slip safety on a variety of floors, such as parquet, carpet and tiles.

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Safety rail of a folding step

Safety rail

To make sure you always keep a balance, some of our aluminium folding steps come with high safety rails. This means you can lean on and keep tight hold of the safety and holding rail at all times – regardless of what step you're on and whether the folding steps are big or small.

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Practical storage tray for a folding step

Storage tray

Some folding steps are fitted with a storage tray in which tools and small parts can be comfortably deposited so that they are quickly to hand again when needed.

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Folding step with extra wide steps

Extra-large steps

Extra-large steps ensure optimum comfort when standing and greater stability at any height. The large treads turn the folding step into a safe platform.

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Woman carrying a stepladder and stowing it away to save space

Space-saving stowage

Despite their wide steps, our folding steps can be stowed in very small spaces. Their low depth makes our lightweight aluminium ladders an unobtrusive part of the home, and they fit it almost any niche – whether they have two or three steps.

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Person unlocks the hinge lock on a folding step

Hinge lock

Since our steps can be folded, some of them are fitted with a hinge lock. This prevents the folding steps collapsing or folding together accidentally.

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Popular number of steps

Accessories for HAILO folding steps

TP1 stairs platform

Designed for all folding steps and stepladders with up to and including four steps, the stairs platform is ideal for safe, comfortable jobs in the stairwell. Its robust structure and sturdy aluminium frame system make the TP1 the safe platform for stepladders and can be used for renovating and decorating at a range of heights in the stairwell.

Telescopic rails and feet also allow flexible adjustment to the particular height and depth of the stair treads. All four feet are fitted with a soft-grip sole, delivering optimum stability and non-slip safety on a variety of surfaces. The integrated spirit level ensures the horizontal alignment of the platform and a safe base for our ladders.

The stairs platform in aluminium weighs just 9 kg and is only 6 cm wide when folded together.

More information about TP1 stairs platform

Woman standing on a folding step placed on a stairs platform and hanging a picture in the stairwell

Folding steps from HAILO: safe, space-saving and quickly to hand

Our folding stepladders offer wider steps compared with the narrow tread of a rung ladder. The steps and the sturdy structure of the aluminium and/or steel folding steps mean you can climb up or down in comfort.

The most important quality promises for our folding steps

Person stands with both feet on a folding step in the kitchen

Load capacity

Almost all our aluminium and steel folding steps have a load capacity of up to 150 kg and meet the high requirements of the EN 14183 standard.

Aluminium folding step standing in a kitchen, a man and a woman sitting in the background

Best material

To save weight, many of our folding steps are made of aluminium. Our large steel and aluminium steps offer additional safety.

A couple standing next to a step ladder in the kitchen, warranty seal with 10-year warranty on the Hailo K100 TopLine


We offer private users of our folding steps a ten-year warranty (MK60 five years). Industrial users are given a three-year warranty for all product series.

HAILO: innovation and expertise when it comes to folding steps

HAILO brought the first aluminium household ladders onto the market in 1960. From that moment the company steadily expanded its product range, constantly modernising the products. HAILO has stood for innovation for more than 70 years already. This flows into the design of its products and leads to the development of modern and clever solutions. But the focus is always on the customer: it is their needs and wishes that inspire HAILO to creative and innovative products in all product categories. That is why the family-owned business has risen to become the market leader for ladders in Germany and a member of the brand elite. HAILO offers an attractive combination of original, high-quality product solutions for ladders and a good price. Safety and comfort when working and customer satisfaction are front of mind when the products are designed.