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HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden
HAILO Micro Garden

HAILO Micro Garden

Order number: 3970601 / GTIN: 4007126304810
Smart built-in system for growing healthy microgreens
Cabinet width (cm):
  • 60
  • cm

Product information

With the HAILO Micro Garden, growing microgreens is a clean affair. Neatly stored in the drawer and with little effort thanks to app control and automated lighting and ventilation, growing healthy sprouts is child‘s play. The aromatic sprouts can be harvested after only 5-10 days and enrich the menu with tasty flavours and healthy vital substances all year round.

The HAILO Micro Garden System consists of:
a tray with inserted plastic grate,
4 removable trays with lids,
tile and perforated grates,
a sliding lid with integrated lighting and ventilation unit
as well as a starter set of seed mats.

Technical specifications

Type of installation Inset
Cabinet-width min. (cm)
Cabinet-width max. (cm)
Suitable for cabinet width (cm)
Nominal drawer-depth (mm) ≥
Color plastic parts
white, dark grey
Product dimensions (DxH) (mm)
490 x 235
Packing dimensions (WxDxH) (mm)
730 x 600 x 330
Installation inside available drawer
Side-wall thickness (mm)
Sliding lid with light panel
Weight incl. packing (kg)


Questions about the HAILO Micro Garden system

In which drawers does the HAILO Micro Garden system fit?

Basically, the HAILO Micro Garden fits in all standard drawers with a width of 60cm. The system is simply inserted into the drawer, plug in and you're done! To be absolutely sure, note the following product dimensions:
Dimensions drawer:   
Width inside: <= 510mm
Width outside: <= 553mm
Depth inside: >= 473mm
Height frame inside: <= 190mm
Height back wall inside: <= 183mm

What kind of light does HAILO Micro Garden work with?

The light unit of the HAILO Micro Garden consists of special LED lights that produce the ideal light spectrum and the right light intensity for the growth of the plants, depending on their growth phase. The light spectrum is a combination of red, blue and green LED light.

Are the lights of the HAILO Micro Garden always switched on?

No, because plants also need phases without light. The device automatically switches to sleep mode for 12 hours after 12 hours of activity. The start of the sleep mode can be set individually.

How much electricity does the HAILO Micro Garden need?

The average power consumption per growth cycle (7 - 10 days) is approximately 1.2 kWh to 1.7 kWh.

What are the optimal settings for the best plant growth?

For optimal growth, it is very important that the plant LEDs are switched on during the day and that the plants can "rest" at night. A light module with special plant LED in the lid provides ideal lighting conditions, which are further optimized with the automatic day-night cycle. To add variety to the menu, two different plant programs can run simultaneously.

Do I need an app?

No app is needed; in the standard program, the Micro Garden works "offline".
To get the full functionality, you need the app from partner "Yourgreens".
Download the app in the Google Play Store here.
And here the app in the iOS App Store.

What can the Yourgreens app do?

With the app from Yourgreens, the HAILO Micro Garden can be controlled even more conveniently, this includes:
- Setting up and connecting the device
- Overview of all parameters (temperature, humidity, light, etc.)
- Setting light recipes for growing different plants
- Background information about plants and the operation of the device
- Separate control of the two light areas on the left and right side
- Access to the Yourgreens webshop

When do I have to remove the container lids?

After 2 days the microgreens have germinated. Then you should remove the container lid so that the seedlings are exposed to the light and can grow up.

Do I have to have all the plant spaces occupied or can spaces also be left empty?

HAILO Micro Garden does not have to be fully stocked. You can activate one, two, three or four seed mats. Also different Microgreens at the same time. The light module is designed so that you can even set two different light areas - depending on your needs.

How do I start the offline mode of the Micro Garden?

Press the green backlit button on the front left of the Micro Garden's lid once briefly and then directly again until the light begins to pulse. The plant light starts by cycling through the colors of the LEDs. Then the day-night cycle starts with the first light phase.

How do I perform a reset?

Press the green backlit dot until it flashes in short intervals. The device is then reset to the factory settings.

What does the flashing of the LED mean?

When the green backlit button on the lid of the Micro Garden flashes, the device is trying to establish a wifi connection.

Questions about microgreens

What is the difference between sprouts and microgreens?

Sprouts are consumed whole, with stems and seeds, usually shortly after germination. Microgreens, on the other hand, are grown on or in growing media such as fleece pads of hemp or coco, soil or hydroponics. Once the first leaves, called cotyledons, are fully formed, they are consumed. The lowest stem section and the root are discarded with the growing medium.

Why is there a smell coming from my Micro Garden?

Certain plant varieties, such as cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, radish or mustard, release mustard oils. The sulfur they contain results in the typical odor, which can be perceived as unpleasant. This is the plant's way of protecting itself from so-called predators in the wild.

How long does it take to harvest microgreens?

Depending on the variety, Microgreens are harvested within 5 days to 10 days after sowing.

How often should I water my microgreens?

Usually it is enough to water the greens once. It is a natural product and plants can react and grow differently despite artificial and constant growing conditions. Therefore it is good to check every now and then if they still have enough water.

Where do I get my seed pads?

The seed pads suitable for the HAILO Micro Garden can be conveniently purchased online. Different varieties are offered here. At yourgreens.eu you land directly in the online store of our partner.

Micro Garden
Micro Garden