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Embellish your garden and house

Feel like your home could use a breath of fresh air? Then decorate a little and embellish your rooms and garden! It's easier than you think. With a few simple elements, you can spice up both the interior and exterior of your home. To give you some inspiration, here are some ideas and tips for decorating your home and garden.

Improve your home - all the difference a few details make

It is not necessary to renovate immediately and tear down walls to embellish a room. A few simple DIY and decoration ideas will hopefully inspire you to design your kitchen, bathroom and living area creatively.

Plants bring life to the home

Plants can make a room more homely and lively and can also improve the indoor environment. Why not place a few houseplants in the living room or bedroom, so that everything becomes just a touch friendlier? As you pick which plants to add, remember that not every plant can go anywhere. This is especially important in the bedroom.

If you don't have room for plants in the kitchen, but would still like to add a little touch of green, then hang some plants on the ceiling. This not only saves space but also happens to look great! You can fill your kitchen with purely ornamental plants, or you can hang some garden herbs in there. Basil, chives and parsley are just some of the many options available to you. You can hang them from the ceiling using a hanging basket.

Flowers in the house as long-lasting accessories

Cut flowers will definitely bring more life and colour to your home. However, these are perishable, lasting only a few days before they start to wilt. A simple idea would be to dry them before they wither away and use them as a permanent decoration. Gypsophila, roses or hydrangeas are suitable for drying. Accessories that you can find in bouquets, such as eucalyptus leaves or pampas grass, look beautiful once they have dried. Of course, you can also buy all of these already dried. Dried flowers also look incredible in the bathroom!

Photos for a personal touch

It is always a lovely idea to hang up photos that mean something to you. Pictures from your last holiday or cherished memories with family and friends are all great options. A photo collage is easy to make by yourself and immediately brings more life to your walls. Anything goes, whether that be a homemade calendar, refrigerator magnets in the kitchen or a picture wall - get creative!

A new coat of paint? No problem!

If you don’t want to make any fundamental changes, you can reach for the paint bucket and give one or more walls a new coat of paint. Bright and light shades don’t stand out much, but still give the room a new, fresh appearance and make the room look bigger. Dark colours, on the other hand, can make a room look cosier. But be careful, especially in small rooms. You should think carefully about whether you want to use a dark colour, as this can make the room look cramped if it’s already on the smaller side.

Improving the garden - a few simple ideas

Of course, you shouldn't neglect your garden. You can conjure a green oasis, regardless of the size of your garden. In addition to planting tips, we will be happy to provide you with a few creative ideas and tips on how you can spruce up your garden.

Bring light into the dark

How about some lights in the treetops? This is a fast and uncomplicated method to give your garden a cosy atmosphere without much effort. Just imagine sitting outside under these fairy lights on a balmy summer evening whilst enjoying the fresh air. This also works on a balcony. Attach the fairy lights to the railing, and you have a simple decoration that instantly creates a cosy effect around you.

Flora and fauna

Why not make your garden a little more colourful with flowers and shrubs. This will attract many bees and bumblebees in summer, and they’ll think your garden is a little paradise. A few beds of strawberries, tomatoes or other fruits and vegetables can complete the picture. However, you need to take sufficient care of everything that you decide to grow in your garden.

If you want to lure a few more small animals and insects into your garden, a small pond would be ideal. Dragonflies, fish and frogs will feel especially comfortable there and bring more life and activity into the garden.

A small tip: A beautifully crafted birdhouse will not only act as decoration, but will also bring you frequent visits from feathered animals.

Redesign your house and garden with the right accessories

Whether you want to work inside or outside, you should equip yourself with the right tools to do any activity safely. Painting walls, hanging plants or placing fairy lights in trees; all of these require working with a ladder for the additional height. HAILO offers the right ladders for indoor and outdoor use at different heights to keep you safe and secure. We can solve almost any problem. Do you need more space to work safely and extra space for your accessories? Is the ground in the garden uneven? No problem! We have a wide selection of high-quality ladders in our range, which would make any job in the house and garden easier for you. The ladders in the HAILO L80 ComfortLine offer extra deep steps for even more space and comfort at work, with a maximum working height of 3.72 m. Also, take a look at the EasyClix foot change system for our stepladders, which turns your ladder into an all-rounder for indoor and outdoor use. So nothing can stand in the way of a new living room paint job or a beautifully decorated garden.

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