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Flame-extinguishing waste paper baskets and ashtrays stand

Safety plays a decisive role when it comes to waste. Particularly when it comes to disposal waste that can catch on fire. Imagine a glowing cigarette being thrown into a garbage can on the side of the road - this could quickly become a hot issue.

It's a good thing that there are specialists equipped for such situations. You don't have to worry about your safety, because HAILO has developed fireproof waste paper baskets and ashtrays of the highest quality.

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HAILO’s wastebaskets and ashtrays’ special features

Lids with large openings

All our waste baskets are fitted with sheet steel lids for easy disposal. They have particularly large openings for greater convenience.

Removable ashtray lid

Our HAILO ProfiLine Safe Plus XL combines ashtray and fireproof waste bin in one. It has a lid with a specially shaped ashtray that holds 2.8 litres of volume. Removal and emptying are quick and easy.

Flame-extinguishing lid construction

Every flame-extinguishing wastebasket in our range has a specially constructed lid, ensuring that the fire is suffocated by its flue gases while still in the bin.

Fire-resistant housing

A flame-extinguishing wastepaper basket from the HAILO ProfiLine Safe M or HAILO ProfiLine Safe L series has housing made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated sheet steel or polished stainless steel. In our ashtray/wastepaper bin combination, the litter bins are made of galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel. Our litter bins are available in various colours such as silver, black or stainless steel, making the bin even stylish.

The most important quality promises for our flame-extinguishing waste paper baskets and ashtrays

Designed by HAILO Germany

The appearance of our products is an essential part of our craft. That's why our experienced team in Germany has been working on the designs of our waste bins, ladders and folding steps for over 70 years. We not only pay attention to functionality, but to attractive design too in order to maximise your enjoyment of our products.


The quality and durability of our products is a top priority at HAILO. That's why we give you a five-year warranty for each of our fireproof waste paper baskets or ashtrays for private use. Companies and businesses receive a three-year warranty.

The HAILO company

Since its foundation in 1947, HAILO has made it its business to support artisans, DIYers, professionals, homemakers, and craftsmen in their work. With its constant focus on quality and safety, HAILO strengthens customer confidence and has been one of the "Brands of the Century" since 2004. HAILO even offers its products in over 60 countries worldwide. HAILO always is at the pulse of the zeitgeist with its original concepts. We are continually keeping up in providing new ideas and inspiration to the market.