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HAILO Professional

Ever since its establishment in 1947, HAILO has been refining the process of converting good ideas into forward-looking products. With so many innovations, HAILO repeatedly sets the standard in quality and design - thus establishing the red dot as a strong brand. Today, HAILO markets its products in 60 countries worldwide. In doing so, continuity and concentration on the core competences in all business divisions is the key to success. Under its professional brand, HAILO markets a tailor-made range of industrial ladder products and shaft/manhole equipment engineering. The products are developed especially for the requirements of trade, industry and the service field.

Ladder with a safety cage
Ladder systems for buildings and machine installations
Man climbs out of a shaft on a shaft ladder
Work & rescue platform
Opened manhole cover
Man climbs a ladder with fall protection

Product range

Access technology and ladder systems for buildings and accesses of all kinds:
fixed ladders, climbing protection systems, shaft covers, shaft ladders, shaft access aids, platforms, service lifts, training courses

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