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A ladder as a decorative shelf? Why not

A ladder is just a means to an end to facilitate work at great heights, right? Not quite - ladders can actually be versatile and visually appealing! Why not turn your ladder into something completely different? It can be just as much a part of your furnishings as a cupboard, shelf, or decoration. Give your home a unique look by creating something unexpected: use a ladder as a plant shelf or bookshelf.

Industrial-style open storage

Whether you want to salvage an old ladder from the recycling yard or creatively store your new ladder, you're sure to find a suitable place in your home. As a shelf, a ladder can give your home the charm of an artist's studio or the flair of the currently trendy industrial style. A ladder shelf is a versatile piece of furniture that loosens up your interior style with its open design.

A ladder as a plant shelf is the ultimate eye-catcher: Not only is the height ideal for hanging plants to grow and thrive, the green cuttings also embellish an empty corner or a plain balcony. In this way, you can bring a piece of garden into your home and care for the flowering plants easily all year round.

When used as a bookcase with various compartments, which can reach up to the ceiling depending on the type of ladder, a ladder offers plenty of storage space for your books without taking up too much room. The ladder shelf looks particularly good in combination with decorative items such as flower vases or candles - and gives your rooms a unique touch.

Mixed materials as a design element

Metal and wood can be combined beautifully in your furniture. A cupboard made of solid wood with metal drawers and large doors, or a simple standing shelf next to a metal ladder shelf can work well. The mix of different materials makes your furnishings exciting without laying it on too thick. A plant shelf in the bedroom, a ladder bookcase in the hallway next to the wooden chest of drawers. Why not?

Paint for a modern, used look

To give your plant or bookcase a vintage, worn look, it's a good idea to splash your ladder with a few spots of paint here and there. This not only gives the shelf an artistic style, but also more personality.

If you painted the ladder, and thus your new plant or bookshelf in the making, and it already got a little paint on it anyway? All the better! This makes the used look of your plant and bookcase even more authentic. In combination with colourful plants and the lush green, the colourful painter look of the ladder comes into its own very well. If you’re not planning any major painting work, you can easily paint the decorative shelf yourself. If you paint it yourself, you can choose the patterns and colours according to your taste. A little tip: children will love this creative activity!

A rung ladder as a library ladder

If you already have a large wall of books and one bookshelf follows the next, but you don't know how to reach the books on the top shelf, a rung ladder is the ideal solution. Such a ladder is not only practical, but also a chic decorative element for your home library. Leave it leaning against the bookshelf to have it right at hand when a novel on the top shelf calls out to you. This is not only practical, but your ladder is stowed away in style while adding to the décor of your home.

Tool or decorative shelf?

You don't have to make that decision with products from HAILO, because we can do both! An aluminium double step ladder like the HAILO D60 StandardLine with 2x5 or 2x7 steps can be used to create a chic plant or book shelf or for painting and other activities around the house. You can also use a rung ladder like the HAILO S60 ProfiStep uno single ladder in a variety of ways: as a work aid in the house and garden with 6 to 18 steps, as a library ladder, or simply hung across the wall as a shelf. You can use HAILO ladders flexibly as a tool as well as a piece of furniture. In no time at all, you have a new bookshelf that can quickly be converted into a practical work aid.

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