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Ladders for working on windows

It's time for the annual spring-cleaning: You want to get your apartment in shape or your windows just need some freshness? Then grab your cleaning cloth and get to work! To give your house the care it deserves, you should clean every room and even the façade. Also make sure to remove the dirt in places that may not be obvious. This could be a door, the windowsill or the balcony. Dust and dirt settles everywhere and should be removed regularly. So make your house or apartment shine!

Cleaning windows, but how?

When the sun shines through the windows and fills the room with its light, you get a pleasant feeling. This feeling is quickly dulled when you see the stains and dust grains on the window pane, which are made even more visible by just this beautiful light. Then there is only one thing to say: window cleaning is on the agenda! However, not all windows are the same, some are located at an easily accessible height that does not make cleaning difficult. However, if you have very high windows, which may even reach from the floor to the ceiling or which are installed particularly high up, then window cleaning could become a difficult task. To be able to clean the windows and frames without exposing yourself to a safety risk, you should have the right equipment.

A high window directly under the ceiling

Climbing aid or stepladder: who is the right companion?

The first thought that probably comes to mind if you have a window that is difficult to reach is to use an aid that can be used for climbing, such as a chair or a box. However, you should keep your hands off it in any case, as there is a real danger behind such climbing aids. They do not provide a safe stand, stability or fall protection. This can lead to a risky situation while you are cleaning. The better choice is a ladder that allows you to work safely. HAILO ladders offer you just that: More safety through stable, high-quality and innovative products. The ladders of the HAILO L80 ComfortLine model range are particularly suitable, offering you a secure hold thanks to the non-slip plastic feet and allowing you to reach almost any window thanks to the choice of different numbers of steps. You also have the option of conveniently storing your cleaning utensils on the ladder in the practical storage tray. You can easily fasten your cleaning bucket with the practical bucket loop including the click-quick-release fastener, so you don't have to climb down each time to wring out the cleaning rag.

A person on a household ladder with a bucket hanging from it cleans a window in the living room

Am I safe on any surface?

Since windows can be found in almost every room, the legitimate question arises as to whether the ladder also stands firmly and stably on every floor - without slipping away. HAILO ladders are equipped with non-slip standard feet and therefore also stand securely on surfaces with more "slip potential". The HAILO EasyClix Garden foot replacement system even allows the ladders to be used outdoors and allows the foot of the ladder to be replaced quickly and easily. With EasyClix Living, HAILO offers an interchangeable foot system especially for floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, vinyl and marble. The interchangeable feet are fitted in no time at all and are particularly gentle on your floor coverings. HAILO ladders thus save you not only the purchase of several ladders, but also the risk of slipping away that could arise from using unsuitable feet.  

With the HAILO TP1 stair platform, you can also create a platform that can accommodate stepladders and folding steps with up to 4 steps. This can be individually adapted to almost all types of stairs and thus allows you to clean the windows in the stairwell as well.

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