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Tips and tricks for waste reduction

We produce a lot of waste every day. Not all of it can be recycled, and a lot  of it ends up in the sea. What would be even better than recycling the garbage, however, would be to produce less of it. With a few small measures that you can easily integrate into your everyday life, it’s possible to combat the daily mass of waste we create. Even the smallest steps help to make the world a little better.

Attention when choosing bottles

The best way to avoid waste is to buy reusable bottles instead of disposable ones. These do not immediately end up in the rubbish heap thanks to their reusable nature. You can easily avoid unnecessary waste by making an attentive selection in the supermarket. The best thing to do is to use a bottle that you can refill with tap water repeatedly, completely saving yourself from having to purchase water.

Bring your own bags

Everybody knows how it works. You go shopping, and at the end, you reach for the bags sold at checkout. These pile up at home until you throw them in the trash. You can easily avoid this by bringing your own bags or by packing your purchases in a basket or rucksack. Another practical option is to use bags that fold up very small and easily fit into any handbag or jacket pocket. This way, doing something good for the environment doesn’t require much effort.

There are still plenty of plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable department. They are used to transport a few tomatoes or apples home and end up in the bin. There is a simple, environmentally friendly alternative. Reusable fruit and vegetable bags. They also fit in every bag and save unnecessary waste.

Refill instead of buying new

For many things like soap, cream, and spices, You can buy refills. So you don't have to get a new soap dispenser or a new pepper mill every time, you can simply refill the containers. This allows the containers to last longer, is cheaper and also better for the environment.

Avoid cling film and aluminium foil

Whenever there’s something left over from lunch or the cucumber is not yet used up, it’s common practice to use aluminium foil or cling film to pack the food and keep it fresh. But by doing so, you produce unnecessary waste, which could easily be avoided. There are many different ways to keep food fresh without using foil. For example, some oilcloths are reusable. These can be used to cover glasses and tins or to wrap whole foods such as vegetables. You can also easily store leftovers in a tin or screw-top jar. There are even special elastic freshness caps for fruit and vegetables that you can put in the dishwasher after use. Aluminium foil and cling film are completely unnecessary!

Less advertising, less paper waste

If you are annoyed by the constant adverts and catalogues that end up in your mailbox, then there are steps you can take to avoid them. This will not only save you from unwanted advertising, but also reduce unnecessary paper waste. A sticker on the mailbox with a request to not insert advertising often works wonders. If this is not enough, you can also contact the advertiser directly.

Free fertilizer

If you have a garden, then it may be worthwhile to create a compost heap. You can make good use of your organic waste and also save on the costs of buying fertiliser. This is not only practical, but also makes a decisive contribution to the environment.

Long-life rechargeable batteries instead of short-life batteries

Batteries are only used once and then end up directly in the battery collection boxes of trading companies. It would be much easier and cheaper to use rechargeable batteries. They save you another trip to the supermarket if the batteries unexpectedly run out of juice, benefitting you and the environment.

Where to put the rest of the waste?

There are a lot of ways to avoid garbage in various places. All these measures are uncomplicated and are even advantageous to you by saving you costs and making things require less effort. Nevertheless, it is not possible to avoid waste production completely. In everyday life, even when we try to produce less of it, waste is always produced. HAILO offers you stylish and modern waste bins with an integrated waste separation system to store your rubbish in a way that reduces odour and brings chic design into your home. Whether you prefer the HAILO Öko Trio Plus L with three individually removable bins, or the particularly space-saving HAILO Öko Vario XL, which has the separating units stacked on top - waste disposal with HAILO is and remains an attractive solution for private use. We offer a suitable product for every living situation and every need. With us, waste will not become a problem in your everyday life!

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