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June 25, 2019 | home & business

Stairs as a factor of uncertainty

Current survey shows: More than a third of Germans do not have the right ladder for the staircase.

Problem zone staircase. Everyone who has ever hung a picture or a lamp in the staircase knows the scenario: There is hardly a safe way to put up a ladder there. A recent representative online survey commissioned by the ladder manufacturer HAILO shows that more than one in three Germans is of the opinion that they do not have a suitable ladder for the staircase. The figure was even higher among the homeowners surveyed, at almost 40 percent. HAILO supplies the perfect product for this gap - the TP1 stair landing. Since its market launch in January 2018, this world first (patent pending) has proved to be an absolute bestseller and jury favorite at renowned design and innovation awards.

No suitable ladders for staircases

Whether high windows, pictures or lamps - the staircase at home quickly becomes a problem zone because no conventional ladder fits on the steps. Ladder manufacturer HAILO wanted to take a closer look at this phenomenon and commissioned the Hamburg opinion research company Civey to conduct a nationwide representative online survey in May 2019. The survey revealed exciting differences between old and young, women and men, and between tenants and homeowners. The problem is best known among respondents aged between 50-64, with a score of around 38 percent. Women stated around eight percent more often than men that they did not have a suitable ladder and homeowners also knew the scenario significantly more often than the comparison group with almost 40 percent.

Are women more aware of problems or even more sensible?

Around 35 percent of the women surveyed stated that they did not have a suitable ladder for the steps, but only around 27 percent of the male participants. No wonder, since online one often sees daring, improvised constructions on stairs, which were mostly built by men who were willing to take risks.

HAILO TP1 provides safety on the stairs

For the end user, ladder professional HAILO now has the perfect solution: The HAILO TP1 stair landing, which has won prestigious awards such as the iF Design Award, scores points with its comfortable handling, innovative design for maximum safety and excellent quality. It has been gratefully accepted by DIY store customers and online shoppers as a consumer-friendly problem solver and has been boosting sales since January 2018. The aluminium frame system, which can take loads of up to 150 kg, forms a stable base on steps for all folding steps and stepladders up to and including four steps. Rails telescopic in length and height via quick release fasteners allow flexible adjustment, even on spiral staircases and uneven outdoor floors. The stair landing is available individually or currently in the popular double pack with the HAILO L80 ComfortLine ladder, and can be folded together for space-saving storage. The stair landing is available in the HAILO Online Shop for €144.99 (RRP).

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